Linsey. - Shouldn't Of Locked Me Up.

I can hear them perfectly. They're going into a sitting room thing the opposite way to me. Hmm, this is going to be fun. I really can't wait to see their shocked little faces! They have to go past the room next to me to get where they want to go. I growled again, making them fear me, making them know I'm close.

They're gonna pay for trapping me in here. I can hear their footsteps in the room next to me. Oh this is going to be the most fun I've had in ages! I think they're in the middle of the room. Time to make my entrance! I run out of the room I was last in and charged into the door of the one where they are. Their faces are priceless! I growl at them, showing my teeth. Fear is shown on all of the girls faces, eventhough one is trying to hide it. Now, what one first?

I growl again then change into my normal form. I smile at them evily. "You all are going to pay for locking me up." I laugh then change into a giant polar bear. I'm gonna take down the blonde one first. I roar, then pounce.

The End

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