Jadia: Monsters On The Mind

“Did you here that?” Esmerelda gripped Jadia’s arm tightly. She winced and pulled away but there was no denying that they had heard a roar. Jadia though back to what Esmerelda had worried about earlier, what if we’re not alone in this house (at least I think it’s a house) and the people who put us here are still… well, about…

She didn’t want to think about who could be lurking in the hollow shadows, watching the girls’ every move and testing them at every opportunity. She didn’t want to think about who might have stated that fire either.

“Jadia…?” Kate’s voice made Jadia start.


“Are you okay? You sort of…drifted. Did you here what Sapphire just said?”

“Mmm, no sorry, my mind does that, flicks off into a different place,” She grinned at the joke her companions probably wouldn’t get. Do they even know I’m psychically advantaged?

Sapphire wasn’t happy with her lack of attention. Jadia wondered whether the girl was used to getting what she wanted back at home. Wherever home was…

“I was saying we should find a comfortable sitting room and discuss our powers,” Sapphire said confidently and roughly to Jadia.

“I agree-” Esmerelda started, before she was interrupted by another roar.

“I swear that’s closer…” she trembled.

“You’re not afraid of monsters…are you, Esmerelda?” Kate peered at the girl.

Esmerelda sniffed regally and Jadia was reminded that, although they may all be here together, Esmerelda was still a ‘little rich girl’.

“Of course not.”

Jadia reached into her mind and saw the faded outline of a creature, but she couldn’t define its parameters and therefore couldn’t see what it was. All she knew was that it was dangerous…and coming closer to them!

“I’m tired and I need to sit down,” she told the group, “By the sounds of it, that thing is over there somewhere, and I saw a living room somewhere in the opposite direction.” Jadia pointed off automatically where her intuition told her to point.

“I hope you’re right, J.” Said Sapphire.

So do I…Thought Jadia, but she voiced her last thoughts before they headed off, just in case.

“I think we should start to work out why we’re here-”

“And maybe find an exit.”

“…And maybe find an exit….Thank you Esmerelda. ’Cause, to be honest, I don’t really wanna meet that thing…”

“Oh, grow a backbone, Jadia.” But even Sapphire didn’t sound convinced by her own words.

The End

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