Introducing Linsey Smyth.

My head is killing me! I knew it was a bad idea to go out last night! Wait a sec, what did happen last night? I slowly start to open my eyes. I'm looking up to a dull cieling. Who's house is this?

I sit up and shake my brunette hair. Today my waves look red. Not in a ginger way but in a red way. I strech as I get to my feet. I turn, looking at surrondings. Okay. There is deffo no way I've been here before. It's all too dull for my likes.

I walk over to the door and pull. Nothing happens. I frown at it. Maybe it's one ofthose weird push ones. I push it, nothing happens. Okay, I'm in a small room and I can't get out. Great.

I step back, ready to knock the door down in my way. I can already feel my body changing, my joints and things moving perfectly. I growl as I move my paws on the floor, leaving claw marks. I'm now a tiger and I'm about to rip out the door!

I pace back wards then leap at the door, using my claws to rip it to shreads. I'm out in no time. Ha! Whoever locked me in that room'sin for a big surprise! I roar loudly, knowing that there's others in the building.

I hope I've scared them coz I really want to see their faces when they see a fierce tiger is walking around. Or maybe I should change into something else? I love being a shapeshifter, so many possibilities.

The End

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