Sapphire: Esmerelda, Jadia and..?

So basically this other girl and I, who I later found out to be called Esmerelda, then rescued another girl called Jadia. Wow, that is a lot of people who are inside a house, not knowing why, and possibly trapped.  When thinking that, the ginger haired girl, Jadia, asked the thing that was on everybody’s minds;

 “Why are we here?”

 “I honestly don’t know” I answer back.

 But then, we were interrupted by a loud bang from upstairs- which scared the hell out of us. I, now assumed leader of the group, decided we should go and find out what it is.

 “come on lets go and see what it is! It might be another trapped person” I say.

 “what if it’s not?” asks Esmerelda.  I was about to tell her not to worry when suddenly there was a big crash, bang thud that made us all turn around.

The End

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