Sapphire: Fire and water

Ok. I just, I think, set the door on fire. And then I managed to walk through it without a burn or a scratch. Weird.

 Just as I was thinking this I heard knocking. OMFG, where did that come from? I start to follow it to a room down the hallway.

 “Hello? Is somebody there?” I shout.

 “Um, hi… I’m trapped can you help me? I’m locked in” come a reply.

 “Um… this will sound weird but I am going to set the door on fire, and you are going to have to try and get out. You may get burnt, but it would be better than possibly dieing of hunger. Ok stand back…”

 As I did so I threw the fire at the door, this time more controlled, so it caught on fire quicker and easier. I herd a little gasp of surprise. Then I suddenly heard a sizzling noise. What the? And then I realised that the fire was starting to fade out. How did that happen?

 Then through all the smoke and the dieing down flames, a girl walks through the door. She spots a patch of fire on the floor and squirts water at it. Wow. But before we could say anything we hear screaming from above, and head for the stairs at the end of the corridor.

The End

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