Fire and water-total opposites, but what will happen when the figure of Earth that is so painfully familiar arrives, wrecking havoc through the trapped companions…?

Jadia woke, her body cold with sweat, a common effect from her visions. Without opening her eyes, she knew that she was in an attic; she could sense the wooden rafters above. Plus the cold breeze blowing around her bare midriff gave it away all too clearly. Gathering her blue cardigan around her thin body and wishing she had chosen to wear something more suitable than her green crop top and denim shorts, Jadia sat up and properly looked around at her surroundings.

The attic was a large room with only one miniature window that was steamed up and impossible to see out of. The room was sparsely furnished; an old pine bed with a dirty worn duvet had been pushed into one corner and a shiny (but very dusty) silver mirror was hanging on the panelled wall beside the floorboards that Jadia had been placed upon. Jadia frowned at an odd pile of bits and bobs against the wall opposite her. Several ruined chairs had been stacked on top of the remains of an old ivory piano that was jammed right into the wall.

Walking towards the pile of objects, Jadia could see the frame of a door poking out behind the shapes. A second more and she suddenly realised that the objects had been purposely placed there, blocking the only visible exit from the attic. She tried to tug away the grand piano, but Jadia was weaker than the average human-her strengths were mostly mental-and she couldn’t budge any of the pile.

Fighting back the tears that were stinging at her brown eyes, Jadia walked into the middle of the room, exhausted already with the hope ebbing out of her. She flicked at a ringlet of her ginger hair that was tapping at her shoulder, and rubbed her freckled nose. It was something she did when trying to think. Unfortunately, this time, no plan sprang to mind. Jadia was trapped.

Whilst her mind was active she sensed a fire rapidly climbing the building; she could see the smoke clutching at her window.

The Arsonophobic inside of her screamed.

The End

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