Esmerelda: Locked In

Laying on a grotty matress, Esmerelda Hope suddenly woke up, wondering where she was and how she got there. She was in a room that looked, smelt, and felt like a cellar. Then she remembered - the fight.

She was walking down her street, back from a party, when a group of lads swaggered over to her. She tried to keep on walking but they blocked her path.

" Well, look who it is - little miss Esmie coming back from a little pamper party with her pockets full of dosh!" they taunted her.

" Let me get past..." She replied, nervously. But they ordered her to give them her stuff. Stuff being everything she had with her not including clothes. They took her moblie, money, everything. But that was only the beginning... they pulled her hair, punched her, kicked her and got her laying on the floor in pain.

Esmie shuddered. That was her worst memory ever, no dout about it. She then decided to get out of there, so she got up and walked over to the door. But to her dismay, it wouldn't budge. She did everything she could to try and get out but what mainly happened was that water would go shooting out into it.

" God, I've got to learn to control these things!" she muttered. For the next few minutes everything was silent as she thought where she could be... a deserted house maybe, yeah, that was proberaby it. But then she heard a noise. A noise she didn't like. The noise of something going up in flames.

The End

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