Kevin: Escape

Helicopters circled in the air, I heard the sound of guns. They really didnt want me to go did they.

Juliet swung her spear at my head, i duck under it and grab it. I take it from her and smack her over the head with the blunt end. I swing it round and stab Alpha in the stomach, then I twisted it. Alpha dropped to the floor onto his knees. All the other supers attended to Alpha. Using this cover I escaped before they turned back to me.

I got back home, I had to leave as soon as I could. As I was walking up the stairs I saw Ellie sat at the top of the stairs, she didnt notice me and she was just staring out.

"Ellie!" I shouted, I ran up toward her. I go to grab her but i fall through her, then something hit my head.

"Oh my god, Kevin i'm so sorry" Ellie screamed "They got you, they thought they had me too"

"Wait, so I ran out to save you, and got captured?"

"Well, I couldnt stop you without showing that they didnt actually catch me"

"I see, look we have to leave this house"

"Do we have to? I like this place, it still reminds me of father. I miss him" A frown gathers of her face, it was obvious she was holding her tears back.

"I miss dad too, but we can't bring him back now. Lets go, I have some friends in London, im sure we'll be fine there"

I take out my mobile and call my best friend Damien, he was the only person to ever know about my powers without seeing me actually use them. I trusted him completely.

"Yo, Damo!" I shouted down the phone "Remember that favour you owe me? Can I lay low down at your place? They've found me out"

"Sure, how long till?" he replied

"I dont know, I doubt they'll ever stop looking for me"

"Hmm, I'll see what I can do about that. Feel free to drop by anytime"

I made my way toward London, avoiding cities and main roads.

"So Kev, you never actually told me where youve been gone all this time" Ellie looked me in the eyes

"Well, i was kind of... well... trapped" I replied, "On an island"


"Well, they were really just imprisoning superpowered people onto that island to keep them contained"

"You mean theres more of us?" Ellie was starting to get excited at that thought "Could you introduce me to them?"

"Well" I laughed "I suppose I could. Nobody really talked to you but dad, and i was never in. You deserve a good friend"

We spent atleast an hour on the walk to London, and i was just telling Ellie stories about my time escaping that island, hoping that one day id meet my friends again.

I reached Damien's house, I didnt even have to knock and he answered the door quickly.

"Kevin Meadows! Long time no see man" he said "Come on in"

"Thanks" I replied as i walked into his house. He was around my age, but he had a rich father and pretty much owned his own house and his dad paid all the bills... lucky git.

"So yeah, this house is like, a 4 bedroom. Make yourselves at home; its not hard to find the rooms"

I helped Ellie find one she liked before going to my own. On my bedside I put the picture I had of the family. Me, Ellie, my mum, my dad, and my two brothers. Its all because of the government that most of them are gone. Jacob is god knows where, hes the only one left alive that isnt me or Ellie.

I laid on my bed, looked at the picture for a second or two before drifting off.

The End

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