Linsey : Got A Plan... Sort Of.

A shaky hand goes to my forehead as the worst possible scenarios pop into
my head. Man, I can't be dealing with this. 

"Lin?" Brann is on his feet, reaching for me with comforting hands.

"No. No. No." I hit his hands away, the last thing I need is comforting. "No!"

Brann looks at me deeply in my eyes and I know he's trying to ease my
thoughts. "Lin." His voice is soft, soothing.

"Brann don't. Don't try to ease my thoughts, you know it doesn't work with
me." My voice is steady but I can tell he knows how badly this news is
effecting me.

"It's worth a try." His arms rap themselves strongly around me, my head
pressed up against his muscular chest, and my eyes struggling to stay open
as I feel warm. Safe.  Secure. "I'll do anything to keep you from pain." He
breathes softly into my hair.

"Stop it!" I push him away, a surprised look on his face.

"You've been blocking your thoughts again." Brann lifts an eyebrow, trying to
act amused.

"Cut the bull Brann and tell me everything you know about my friends!" I hiss,
annoyed but not really knowing why.

I have to find out about the others, the more I know, the better chance I'll
have to break them out of whatever hell hole they're in.

A heavy sigh comes out of Brann as he runs his hand through his hair. I know
that he'll tell me. He just has to.

"I don't know how many of your friends they've got or who for that matter
but I do know where..." I turn towards the door, we can get to them in no
time. I hope.

Strong hands are on my shoulders, stopping me in my tracks.

"And this is why I'm not telling you where just yet." I start to argue but he
leads me towards my bed, making me sit down before him. "You're not
prepared and you need to know all the details that I do, and more, before
you go all superhero on me." Brann tucks some of my hair behind my ear,
I scowl at him making him drop his hand quickly, the cocky look still in his

"The place looks small, run-down, but isolated. Of course, lot of security
and this lot don't let anyone without permission through." Brann was
talking seriously, like he always does when he runs through important
missions. I say missions, but mostly it's something to do with where his gang
can break into and steal stuff.

"I want to go. Now." My voice is soft, but I know that Brann knows how
determined I am to save those whom I love.


"Now Brann! I have to go. They helped save me too." I can feel my throat
tightening, I swallow a few times before it is fully gone away. Alot of things
happened on that island, things that have connected us in more ways then

I scowl down at my lap as memories of my time there rushes into my head.

 "It wouldn't matter if you win. You'll die. You need me, without me you're

The snarling voice of the dragon demon that used to be inside me fills my
ears. I shake my head roughly, my face going red, knowing Brann can hear
my thoughts.

"Lins..." His voice full of sympathy as his hand is on my shoulder.

I push it off and stand up, getting my bag out of the wardrobe.

"We're going after them. Now!" I head out my door, Brann quick on my heels.

"We can't just go. We need to organise what we're going to do. You need
your sleep. We have to get the others together..." I turn around to Brann,
surprised that he's waffling, he never does this.

"Fine. Okay. Calm down dude." I bite my lip as I think of something to do. He's
right, we do need all of those things, but if he's having his gang with him
then I better get ready for alot of arguments.

"I've got somewhere to go for us, no one will think of us being there and plus
I need to do something there. Just us, not the others, after that we'll get
going." I head back upstairs again, if I'm putting us up for the night I better
get my box of treasures. Who knows when they will come in handy?

"Wait there. Won't be long." I call down to Brann, knowing no one else can
hear us.

If he's going to call his gang, there's no problem calling my old one. If anyone is left that is. An image of us all trapped on that island popped in my head again but I push it away as I open my bedroom door for the last time.

The End

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