Caleb: Power

The alarm changed, became more frantic and urgent. As such, I was met by more guards patrolling the corridors. They were easy to incapacitate, but it got ridiculous as the number of guards increased.

Suddenly, two guards who looked like KEvin rushed into the room. They saw me and stopped, "Alpha ETA risen to 5 minutes, an intruder is here, Psi and Omega to be delayed... out" they looked up at me.

"I'd raise that ETA to never if I were you," I sneered.

"I don't think so, you're just another damn hero wannabe."

"Nah, you're wrong there. I'm not the hero in this story, I'm the villain and I don't have much mercy left," I smiled up at them toothily, eyes shaded.

A flicker of fear passed their faces before Omega looked at Psi, "looks like we're the heroes for once then pal," Psi laughed nervously. Then he shot out a cone of ice. I sent a torrent of wind, buffeting them back and freezing Psi. Next, Omega jumped me and punched my face. My head moved slightly at the attack.

"Weak," I laughed. With all the strength I had, I jabbed his chest, my fist breaking through the ribs until I had his beating heart in my hand. Omega's face went into shock. With one small jolt, the heart stopped. I took out my arm which was now bloodstained and he dropped to the ground. I could see Psi's eyes roving in the ice. I punched the ice and it shattered and began to thaw.

Once in the next room, I was met with a girl that looked a lot like Sapphire. I felt rage at this clear abomination.

"I'm the second prototype, they've sent me out early in the belief that you will have trouble killing me due to my appearance," she winked at me provocatively.

"Shame, you're nothing like her so they should have saved you the bother and made you look like him."

One arm lit up with fire then, the other into ice. She joined them together and before I could move I was surrounded by a fiery vortex as ice creeped up my legs. I growled and felt my body tremble as I expelled electricty into a nova, shattering the freezing water.. I summoned some wind and buffeted the inferno back towards her. A look of annoyance spread across her face as she redoubled her efforts in vain. I walked forwards calmly, pushing the flames more and more towards her. Soon I was right in fron of her and the fire enveloped her body so that I couldn't even see the girl. I thought that would end her, but fiery hands clutched my wrists. I yelled with pain and suddenly, a female made purely from fire stood looking at me. I felt I was going to lose.

I felt within my mind and there was his power. In the time it took the power to flood my mind, she had completely consumed me with flames so that I must have been badly burned. I let the power take me and suddenly, everything slowed. I grabbed her face and electrocuted her. Slowly, she fell to the floor.

In the next room was Sapphire.

I allowed time to return and stood staring at her.

"Caleb," she muttered, her face a confusion of happiness and wariness. Neither of us knew what my appearance meant.

Two scientists that had interrogated her looked at me. Quickly I zapped them both with lightning. I must have been staring at her intensely since I barely realised my action. She looked horrified at the bodies and the blood that stained my hand, chest and bandaged stomach.

So doc, what do I feel?

His face appeared in my mind. It was like my face but older, the hair and eyes brown.

She tried to kill you, she destroyed your life, everything bad that ever happened to you happened because of her. How do you think you should feel? I could already feel my anger building. There was a heavy tension between us at my indecision. She looked perplexed at this.

I moved towards her and broke her restraints.

"Thanks," she muttered. She was slightly scared, her words coming out slightly hysterical, so she hugged me tightly, "I've missed you," she tried to lighten the mood. She placed her lips on my neck.

"I undid your restraints because I wanted you not to be incapacitated when I killed you. So you're execution would be more honourable," I felt her muscles tense around me. She let go.

"What?" her face was angry, but also sad, "Caleb this isn't you, you love me, you said everything was for me, what happened to that, to you?"

"You mean nothing to me!" there was a particular emphasis on the last word.

She went to punch me. I grabbed her hand and twisted it. She tried weakly with the other but I grabbed that too and sent small shocks down her. Her face froze in a mask of tortured pain as the electricity paralysed her.

But she means everything to me1 and before I could stop it, the word came out.

"Saph! it was low and painful, the electricity stopped, the pain I felt at this showed on my face. The docs face appeared again. Clearly you are not ready for this. But your powers are dwindling kid, that's why you need me and my expertise.

I let her go and shot upwards through the ceiling. I looked back to see that kid enter the room that had stopped my power. I felt a wave of anger and jealousy as I flew higher towards the heavens.

The End

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