Allen: Battle


Josh and I walked around the city like we owned, we were both respected, and liked generally. Well maybe except for a few street gangs but I had taught them enough lessons about messing with me they wouldn't make a move unless I was gone.  Still though no matter where we went who we saw that Fred guy was on my mind. Who was he? What was he? I had to know. Ten 'o'clock came around fast and I found myself walking towards my neighbourhood with Josh both of not talking, and Aloof look in my eyes as I stared the stars.  I wondered what would happen if I tried to steal the energy of a star, what would happen?  Behind us I hear heavy steps, Instinctively I turn around with my palm out stretched.  With the little light a tall, and big shadowy figure stood staring intently at my palm.

"Allen it's him." Josh says with a calm voice.


Wack I find my self stumbling backwards, the shadowy figure coming in and out of focus, then I realized who it was. Fred.

"Josh run!" I yell frantically, but to late, Fred had picked him up and raised him five feet off the ground like he was a five pound weight. I get off my ass and beginning gathering energy.

"Let him go Fred, Its me you want isn't it?" I say both hands glowing violent blue, as a small storm gathered in them.  Fred looks into my eyes for the first time I see his dark brown eyes with their true intent of hatred. I wondered what or who he hated and why. 

"Allen I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but.." Josh said but was stopped in mid sentence as Fred began to choke him.  I rushed forwards but was stopped by a wall of concentrated air. Out of the blue came a blast of wind knocking me forwards, and before I knew it I saw Josh comfortably hovering in mid air, as Fred was busy flying backwards into a parked car.

"You you, you have powers?" I say completely amazed.

"Yup, just like you I guess." He says letting himself down.

"You.. you know?"  I say shocked.

" Well there was a bunch of press about it man but it was covered up, still I had to meet you."


Fred began his counter attack.

"Later man."

"Alright, Josh but your going to let me lead here. got it?"

"Got it."

I nodded, and blasted Fred with a pillar of concentrated energy. He blocked the attack outright by holding his palms up against. However the energy did not disperse it pressed him back, so he was stuck and wide open. I Ran forwards as Josh hovered above making another tornado of wind that was picking up a large amount of debris. I packed a punch filld with energy and let it all hit Fred's chest. The force sent Fred backwards as well as burning him pretty hard. The pillar of concentrated energy dispersed lighting up the tree surrounded street as well as making a loud explosion like noise. The light died down and Fred Emerged slightly burnt his clothes torn but for the most part unharmed.

"My turn." Josh said. With the debris he picked up he blasted it at Fred, however the attack did very little as Fred simply put his hand in front of his face.

"What is up with this guy?" I asked. So far everything we threw at him had little effect. 

"Still don't get it." Fred said solemnly, "  I can male force fields around my body much like you can Allen. Actually exactly like you since I got my powers from you. Its a wonder what a scientist can do with a  10 strands of hair." 

My jaw dropped, this...guy.... has my powers....from ten strands of hair.

"Oh so you think you can fight the real thing hug?" Josh shoots back," You weren't born with the power Fred unlike Allen and I here, so you are at a disadvantage."

"True that you were an unexpected  part of the equation here, but I'm sure no one knows better then Allen that his force fields are impenetrable."

I smiled at his arrogance, they are tough but not indestructible, I learned that.

" Your going to need more than Force fields to beat me Fred. I could take you one on one." I say making a fist in the air at him. Energy built around me burning the pavement below me, " Josh Get back I'm going to show this poor imitation of my powers how wrong he is."  I said my voice sounding very dark and threatening.  Fred just looked at me with little emotion. Inside my body pained I hadn't used my powers on this level since the fight with Owen, actually it seemed since I went light speed that whenever I synchronized my body with energy I would feel this pain. I hesitated. Fred took the advantage of my pain and made three walls of force fields.  I closed my eyes and pushed the pain aside for now. I threw my hand out a layer of energy shattered his force fields while cutting down the trees all down to the same level. Fred eyes opened wide before I ran forward and punched him in the chest shattering the force field he had around him. I let out a small amount of energy to make sure Fred wouldn't get up and to teach him a lesson about using my powers.

Fred went flying back once again incapable of fighting the true nature of my power over energy. However the pain had taken its toll the energy I had gathered dispersed, and I fell to my knee's coughing up blood. Josh ran up beside me.

"What happened are you okay?"

" I'll be fine. Get to Fred, and figure what he is doing here." I order  as I cough up more blood, my hand clutching my chest. What is wrong with me?

Josh nodded, taking my word that I will be fine and ran up to Fred who was probably on the brink of Consciousness, I got up and managed to stumble my over.

"Who sent you?"Josh shook Fred's heavily burnt body.

"Screw you." He replied, this pissed me off. My right fist bursted with more energy that I could feed this little bastard. 

"Do you want to eat this?" I say grabbing what was left of his jacket. His eyes widened, " Yeah I thought so." I said letting the energy disperse peacefully back into the air," So what are you doing here, who sent you?"

"I don't know who sent me , they were scientist, I could tell you that much they knew after the created me, they needed more, so they decided they we're going to capture every superhuman in the world. Currently they have Kevin Meadows, Sapphire, some rumours Caleb stone but who is to say."

"Caleb he is still alive?What about Linsey Smyth?" I ask shouting now very concerned.

"I don't know." He shrugged now losing consciousness.

"Where are these bastards?" I growl shaking Fred, " England." He said before slipping away into unconsciousness.  I laid him down on the ground as sirens were sounded in the distance.

"We need to get out here." I say," And tomorrow we're going to England. On the way there Josh your going to tell me everything, and why you didn't say that your had powers sooner."


The End

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