Jadia: Breaking and Entering

Jadia slipped her penknife through the little gap and sliced the lock on the window. A second later, with a click, the frame swung open.

It was late evening again, and Jadia had a task to do. She dangled one leg and then the other through and jumped lightly to the linoleum floor.

Jadia looked around the room in which she had just broken into. It was a small, tidy laboratory filled with everything of the metal sort: various wide-monitored computers, strange technical boxes leaking wires, and a few long filing cabinets, stuffed shut with the many papers that they held.

She tapped at the nearest computer touch-screen, bringing up an internet link-screen to another computer. Jadia didn’t really know what she was doing, but the options were limited and so she let her ‘intuition’ tell her what to click. Soon, she could sense that she was almost getting to some useful information. As a screen popped up with headshots of some familiar faces, the whole computer and central processing unit seemed to shut down. If Jadia could sense machines, she would have found nothing, but even so, it was obvious that it had gone.

“Huh?” Jadia murmured, slapping the side of the technological-advanced piece of equipment, just as she had done back when she lived with the rest of ‘normal’ society. But nothing was normal for Jadia anymore…

Jadia was so involved in trying to fix the computer, that she missed the sound of light footsteps entering the laboratory.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Jadia jumped and turned. A man with an American accent was pointing a black revolver at her forehead. Jadia scanned the room. There was little escape and the man was standing a mere two metres away, but Jadia could sense that he wasn’t willing to shoot her. Also, he was hiding something inside him. The man frowned, and she withdrew the tendrils of her mental touch.

Jadia ran.

When all she could hear was the unsteady beat of her adrenalin-filled heart and the step of her rubber-soled shoes on the steel floor, Jadia slowed to a stop. She was lost in the foreign building, but that didn’t bother her; she could just use her ‘power’ to navigate away. What did worry her, though, was the mind that she could sense when she reached her mind out to her surroundings. It was powerful and mysterious, and it was constantly concealing something vital from her specifically…

And it was close…

Suddenly, a fist flew out of nowhere at Jadia, knocking her to the floor with its blow. As her vision dazed, Jadia used her mind to see, and rolled to the side as she felt the air ripple from a leg kicking out at her.

Pushing her mind into the hidden adversary's, Jadia tried to disable him, or her, like she had disabled Owen once. Unfortunately, that must have been a one off, a party-trick, for Jadia could only sense a barrier of impenetrable steel, and felt herself weaken the more she tried to knock it down. Finally, she gave up, and resorted to more worldly tactics.

Jadia swerved again as she sensed an invisible hand swoop down. It collided suddenly, with a yelp of pain, with the floor, and Jadia used that opportunity to lunge out, and slam her leg into that of the foe. She wasn’t a strong physical fighter, preferring to use logic, tactics and little mind tricks to ‘get away with murder’. The invisible he, or she, tumbled to the floor, but grabbed hold of Jadia as she stumbled to get up. Suddenly, the quick fist was back, smacking into her jaw, and knocking her into the wall of the narrow corridor.

The man from the laboratory appeared from the air in front of her, grim.

“Well,” Jadia remarked, sarcastically, “You certainly needed that firearm.”

The End

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