Kevin: Evening the Odds

"So, your the one I'm based off? Nice to meet you, shame I'm going to have to kill you" he threatened
"I'd like to see you try" I grunt back.

He ran at me, gathering ice on his arm as a shield. He went to smash it into my face and missed. I rolled under his arm and shot an ice shard at his leg. It pierced through his flesh and made him kneel down. I ran up to him and he got an ice hammer and smashed me away before I could react. 

I jumped into the air, jumping off random ice platforms I summoned. He threw ice blocks at me whilst i was in the air and i dodged them with ease. I shaped a staff of ice in my hands and charged at him spinning it about. He mimicked my movements, every last one of them studying how to counter perfectly. I go left, he ducks and counters too quickly for me to react.

We switched weapon styles for a while, maces hammers... even crossbows. Until eventually he ran out of breathe, he seemed to have less stamina than I did.

"Cant keep up?" I laughed
"Even if you kill me, the others will get you... I'm just step one" he was gasping for air pretty much after every word. "You superhuman's will either die or be contained properly"
"Your body can't seem to handle the power, your human body can't take it"
"There will be a way, there is always a way"
"There's Alpha!" shouted a voice, then along from the sides came some kind of swat team. They had armour and some pretty big guns. "Put your hands up, now!" I put my hands up, and then slammed the ground, sending out shards that split them in two. The survivors opened fire and i deflected with a shield.
"Call it in now" said Alpha, then suddenly two more people came in, who also seemed to have my power. "Meet Beta and Epsilon, your going down this time boy"

All three attacked at once, some went to go behind me. I raised up ice walls to block off attack points as I focused on Alpha. I kicked Alpha to the ground, and Epsilon came at me, I kicked him in the shin and kicked him in the face. Beta tried an aerial attack, I grabbed his foot on the way down and swung him round and let go as he went into a wall.

"How many of you are there?" I asked Alpha
"Guess" he said with a smile
"Charlie and Delta here, need assistance?" came in on Alpha's radio. Two more men jumped down and began fighting.
Charlie used a hammer, and swung for me; so I ducked as he got Epsilon in the face. Delta was using a two handed sword, I disarm him and throw it into Beta's chest, killing him.

"We got a man down" yelled Charlie
The radios were constantly screaming "Roger that, Hyperion and Gamma en route to your position", "Foxtrot on the way", "Indigo on it, ETA 2 minutes"

I growled, knowing that they wont stop coming. I grabbed Charlie's hammer, kicked him in the chest making him back off, letting go of his hammer. I swung round in a circle, getting Epsilon and Delta. I threw the hammer at Alpha, and it smashed, sending Alpha to the floor once again. Hyperion and Gamma showed up, Hyperion with two dagger like icicles and Gamma with a crossbow. Gamma shot and I ducked, so it got Delta in the shoulder, I stab Delta in the gut with his sword that I got off him earlier.

"Zulu on the way"
"Juliet, on it"
"Lima getting there"
"Kilo making my way"

"For the love of god!" I shouted out, with this many I decided to run away instead. With me having better control over ice than them, I melted the overhead shelter. Why didn't I do that before?

I jumped off the roof of the building, landing in a yard of some sort. I saw a guy, young lad, but he had the look of someone older than me.

Alpha landed next to me.
"You aren't getting away boy" he whispered in my ear. I go to stab him but he grabs my arm and takes the sword. He then goes to stab me but I dodge and kick him in the stomach.

One by one lots of them landed around me, I could see them all pretty much. Charlie, Epsilon, Foxtrot, Gamma, Hyperion, Indigo, Juliet. They were just all appearing as time progressed.

"I got time for all of you" I shouted out, as I charged into battle once more.

The End

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