Caleb: Questions


I groaned. I'd never felt so stiff. In fact, I couldn't feel a thing. I tried to open my groggy eyes, when I managed it, my vision was blurry. I tried to move my arm to clear whatever was obscuring them, but then I realised I couldn't feel a thing.


I tried to turn my head to see what was making that infernal noise.


"What's wrong doc?" I said in my head.

"Everythings fine, you're just in the hospital. Try to relax..."


"You're leaving something out doc, what is it? Tell me what it is!"


The beeping got faster and the only noise in my head was the constant throbbing in tune with the quickening melody.



"It's Sapphire, she's in trouble-" but I already knew, somehow I'd already known that she was in trouble before the doc told me.

"And where..." but I didn't need to ask, I knew where she was.

My vision quickly returned. I felt sensation again as the deadened nerves suddenly burst on fire. I quickly got up, ignoring any pain. I stumbled to my feet, and then suddenly felt a great weight on my back. I looked into a nearby mirror to see I was wearing shorts and bandages around a bare stomach. On my back were blackened wings, charred. They were from her. Suddenly my head was a myriad of voices. Did I love her? Did I hate her? Did I want her in my arms dead or alive?

But at that point, none of it mattered, I just had to get to her!

I extended my wings, seeing patches of bone where radiant feathers should have been. My face was a deathly pale mask. My eyes red rimmed.

I found the nearest window and ran for it.

"Don't do this!"

"What's up doc? afraid of heights?"

I smashed through and fell, then glided just above the pavement.

I flew and flew as fast as I could until I reached a large facility. There were armed guards blocking the doors. They weren't gonna stop me. 

I outstretched my hand and roared the pain away. The one that had built up in my chest. All the anger and the betrayal flooded out and lit up the sky which sizzled and burst with adrenaline. Forks of blue light struck the ground where the soldiers where. Wind picked them up and sent them hurtling into distant buildings. I felt my hands and eyes spark with electricity and a manic laughter burst from my lungs like vomit.

I went to swoop to the ground. Suddenly, I was hurtling towards it. I hit the wall, next to where the figure of a boy stood. He had vivid blue eyes and long black hair.

"Who are you?" he asked, but I ignored him and got up to my feet, "suit yourself," he shrugged. More guards came at the call of the sirens. I tried to electrocute them but my powers wouldn't work. They surrounded us. 

Was it his fault, was the boy I'd never met before betraying me? Would nobody betray me? Was I destined to be ignored, alone?

"Look guys, let's all calm down," he held out his arms. As if that would work.

They all shrugged and looked at each other, then put their guns down.

"I suppose we were a bit hasty," one man said.

I seized this oppurtunity and ran for the door.

"Where's he off?" one man said.

"That's doesn't matter," the boy replied.

"Fair enough."

I came across two more guards. This time, the lightning came quickly  to me and they were on the floor, smoking. I ran and ran and ran to find the answers.

The End

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