Sapphire: Loneliness




What is making that annoying noise? Can't they see I'm trying to sleep over here.



TURN IT OFF! I try to yell, but nothing seems to be happening, just the noise getting louder and louder.

"Well if you look here...", "hmm yes I see", "but what if..."now there is muffling going on around me, why can't I be left in peace? All I want to do is sleep... am I asleep?

If I was asleep, then that would mean I'm dreaming, and therefore I wouldn't be annoyed about being woken up, which wouldn't make sense. But, if I was awake, I should be able to open my eyes right? Nope, nothing. Not even a peek of light.

That must mean I am dreaming right? But it just wouldn't make sense... so what is it?

"So Sapphire what are you trying to hide from us?" I hear from the edge of my head. It sounded like a creepy old man who was trying to rid me of my dignity, both vocally and literally.

NOTHING... EVERYTHING, NOT THAT I'D TELL YOU!  I Try to scream, but to no prevail.

If this is a dream, it's a pretty freaky one. Wait isn't there that trick for getting you out of dreams? You ask yourself a question like how do you see him? Or where is that?  No! it was how did I get here?!

Umm, good question. Suddenly, horrible images flash in front of my eyes. The running, the screaming, the grabbing, the crying, the hurt, the hatred, the sacredness, the terror and the look of pure evil and pleasure mixed together.  And then later being forced into a room, and being lonely, cold and scared. And then sitting there, trying to resist it, trying to stay strong, trying not to gie in to the drooping and the welcoming of sleep.  Knowing that not only bad things would happen, but I would have let everyone down.

And now, here, where ever I am, I know I have done exactly that. And that similar feeling swamps me again, making the blackness even darker, or so it seems, dragging me, pulling me in. It is so much easier to resist, to fight it...

Why is it so cold? Why is it so cold? Why...?

The End

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