Kevin: Supersoldier

After waking up i realize that the lights were off, and the place was weirdly cold. As i got up i felt slightly light headed, and made my way across the cold floor.

I found the light switch and turned it on, there was no problems i was just left on my own in the room. I could see water vapor coming out of a vent, so i climbed up into it.

As i could not really feel the cold much, i could just feel a slight tiny drop in the temperature. As i made my way further down however, i began to feel slightly colder, that doesn't normally happen.

Looking through a grate in the vents i see an office, and one of the scientists scribbling away on some paper. I could just make out certain words like: "Success" and "Test subject A".

"Sir, test subject B is ready for trials..." came a voice from the door, I couldnt see who it was but im guessing it was another scientist.

"Ill be right out" the other scientist said quickly. He quickly got up and rushed out of the room.

I froze the grate and smashed it and went into the room. I picked up the scientists letter and began reading...

To Chairman Redfield,

The testing is going well, we found one of the superhuman's and we soon got his DNA extracted. We made it into an injection for our super soldier project and they are already showing positive results. But we have more test subjects and we await results.

The hunt for the others goes on, however. We know the locations of most of them and our teams are already on it. We hope to soon capture them and turn their powers to our advantage. This truly is a big step for science.

The present superhuman remains in a deep sleep from when we put him to sleep, we expect him to wake up soon. We will pick him up as soon as we can and we will see what our test subjects are capable of we may then see how far our work has gone.

Our plans for the superhuman's would be to use them to eradicate all other known superhuman's in found locations. Maybe even use them in the wars. The only known weakness we know of so far is that they seem to react badly to-

The letter was unfinished, just when it got up to the bit what i needed to know most. I put the letter down and looked around the room, i could hear the scientist coming back. I quickly leaped up into the vent i was in and sealed off the vent as if i never was there.

I carried on crawling through and came up to an opening, i could see the light. Which was a good sight, i feel like i haven't seen the sun in weeks.

I seemed to have been on the roof of a building now, I was outside, i could see civilization again.

"Hey, were do you think your going?" a voice behind me shouted

I turned around to see a man, bald, and quite well built.

"Home, and you wont stop me" I replied with confidence.

"Dont think so..." he then clapped his hands together and soon we were encased in an ice cage. There was no escape for me.

"Fine then, we will do it your way"

The End

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