"I died once doc... well, three times actually, though I suppose it depends on what you class as dying. For me, it's the complete loss of conciousness in the body and the soul leaves it's manifestation on this world. The first time was when I killed my father. Or I thought I had, when I brought the house down after I found out he was going to sell my sister and me out. When the roof fell on my head, I felt my heart stop and my brain reduced to one final, electric pulse before that vanished too. That thought was hatred. And then my mind drifted away. I felt myself lift away from my body and look down on the pitiful being smothered in stone and dust. I returned to my being, my mind as broken as my body, trapped on one thought... the desire for love and then from that, the will to do anything to get it. That was when I died again, for love this time, or at least that was my last thought this time. I sacrificed myself for the girl I had always loved and was destined to be with. Then my soul tried to save itself from ascension by fusing with nature. The boy who could control earth became one with nature, and the boy that could control the primal energy of the earth resurrected my soul from mother nature herself. But with that body destroyed, it could not be a true body of earth thus I became a spirit of the very air we breath. The final time I died was when everyone I loved or liked tried to kill me, true my father had possessed me at the time, and I tried to kill them. But I felt a certain annoyance at the fact that even the women I loved joined the opposite side. There  they tried to utterly annhialate me, and failed. For I am still alive. And Owen still resides within me, a mere shaft of evil that pervades within this mind of mine.

"You should have seen it though doc. When they destroyed me, my spirit drifted through the Universe. I felt the knowledge, the history and the secrets of the world enter into a collective point. Such a tsunami and wealth of knowledge and understanding has to exist, and once more, I was reborn. I dreamed doc. I saw the future, but not as eyes see it, as the heavens will it. I was chaos, I was energy and everything and everyone died. I was alone, a solitary figure standing amidst the true nature of humanity. I could have decided which way I would go, whether I could be humanities herald or ultimate destroyer. I felt the energy of the earth dwindle and blink and then vanished like a star that one night dies and next morning is missed by the select few who saw what it really was. I still feel that same isolation now doc, that I am alone and that nobody would care if I blinked out of existence."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I think I'll go to the one place where even though I am surrounded by people, I have never felt more alone. I think I'll go back to school."

I looked out at the empty room, sighed and dreamt once more.

The End

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