Kevin: Lab Rat

I was still tied to the chair, but i dont think they were monitoring me. I froze the ropes that tied me to the chair and snapped myself free.

I was a little dazed as i stood up but i soon got myself balanced again. The door across the room slammed open as men in black suits got their machine guns aimed at me.

"Dont let him escape" yelled the one who looked like the commander "Gun him down men"

I formed an ice shield in my hand that protected me completely. I felt the impact the bullets had on the shield pushing me back a little. The ice's transparency helped me navigate toward the men knocking them out my way and i got through the door. The moment i got past them I froze the door into place preventing their escape.

Now i was in corridors of white, it all looked strangely familiar. I heard shouting and footsteps coming from behind me so i ran. I didn't know my way around this place but i wasn't going to die in here, not yet anyway.

I formed ice walls protecting me from the people following and also making sure i dont go back on myself. I couldnt help but feel like the people chasing me actually knew where they were going, my hopes of losing them were slim.

I saw an arm but before i could react i ran straight into it which took me straight to the floor.

It was one of the men in black, he had a scar across his right eye and he had grey hair. His brown eyes looked into mine without signs of fear.

"Your too important to kill now" he said "Get up, and dont try anything"

I did as he said, he may of just been one man but i saw something in him, like he was alot stronger than he looked.

"Why am i here? If im allowed to ask" I said as I was being pushed down various corridors.

"Well, theres more than one reason. Considering you will find them out sooner or later i dont see why i shouldn't" he said "The first reason, we are capturing the super humans so we keep them contained, we do not want innocent lives being lost. Another reason, is for some of you supers, we are interested in your powers we we are going to use you for genetic research, you are one of them. We will be taking your DNA quite soon and making it into some form of injection so we can create super soldiers. With that form of technology we are sure to win future wars. You get all that?"

"Yeah... I dont like need-"

"-I dont care"

We walked into a room, it was still a mainly white room but the lights were tinted blue a little. You could see the floor tiles and there was tables and beds with people in them.

We got up to a vacant bed and he motioned toward it. "This is where you will be sleeping from here on"

"Least you're actually giving me a bed" I said with an obvious fake look of shock

I got in the bed, it was just like a hospital bed, felt like one too. I lied down and a couple of doctors came over me.

"Alright, we'll just send you to sleep and you wont feel a thing..." They were the last words i heard before i had the anesthetic and went into a deep slumber

The End

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