Linsey : Guess Having A Friend Who Can Read Minds Comes In Hand, Even If I Don't Want To Know What He's Heard.

"That's it everyone. See you back here in three weeks!" Cobra
says after we've packed up and cleaned the club.

I wave to the staff and say my goodbyes as I walk upstairs to
my room. The day after tomorrow, me and Cobra will have to
move out of here while this place gets done up. Shame, I just
got my room the way I like it. Not.

I take out my key, knowing the door will be locked even
though Brann is in there.

I unlock the door and quickly enter, closing it tightly
behind me.

"Right Brann, are you going to stop talking in riddles or are
you going to tell me what you really... what the hell are you
doing?!" I scream as I turn around to see Brann looking in my
box of little treasures.

"Brann, get ya big, ugly, nose outta my things!" I hiss,
trying to stay calm, with my fists clenched.

Brann turns and smiles at me, the box still open. He leans
against my wardrobe with a eyebrow raised and a cocky smile.

"Save it!" I snap as he opens his mouth, it's been a long
night and I'm in no mood for all this again.

He puts his hands up innocently but with his mocky smile that
he always wears when I see him.

"Come on Lins. I found it totally by accident." Pfft, how
true his deep voice could sound when he wants it to. I fold
my arms over my chest.

"Oh really? Am I really s'post to believe that when you came
in here, that box suddenly slipped out from under my bed?
And don't call me 'Lins!" I hiss as I pin him with a
questioning glare.

Brann extends his smile, showing his gleaming white teeth, as
he looks me over slowly. "Baby, you can believe whatever you
want to believe."

I keep my expression blank but narrow my eyes at him.

"Fine. I believe you are here to do no good and I also
believe you are up to something. And trust me Brann, I'm
going to find out exactly what game you're playing." My tone
is giving nothing away but I know, when Brann looks in my
eyes, that my warning has sunken in.

He laughs loudly, shaking his head, as he puts my treasure
box on the table behind him and looks in my mirror. He
ruffles up his hair then turns back to face me, the smile


"I told you not to call me that!" I say through clenched
teeth, my fists clenched, my eyes deadly as ever.

"Lins-ey." He drags out my name, knowing it'll get me even
more annoyed with him. He's playing one of his favourite
games. "-I've already told you why I'm here."

I clench my teeth tighter together, my knuckles turning white
like my anger. "You can't seriously let me believe that, after
all we've been through together, so don't mess with me." I
breath deeply, trying to keep my anger down so I don't turn
into a fire breathing dragon. Literally.

"Calm down girl." Brann walks towards me, putting a strong arm
over my shoulders. I roughly push him away, my eyes flying
daggers at him.

He shrugs and sits on my bed.

My jaw is tight and it's taking me everything not to use my
powers. "Look! If you have just came here to mess with me then
you can just get lost Brann!" I growl, feeling myself shake.

"It's about your friends." Brann is suddenly serious and I know
he's not lying to me by the look in his eyes.

My mind goes straight to Art and his group but Brann shakes his
head, making me scowl at him even more.

"You. Swore. You'd. Never. Read. My. Mind!" I cry, rubbing my

"Sorry Lin." Even though I know he is being true, I can still
see the small smile on his face as he says my old nickname.
"You know that sometimes I can't help it. Just like you can't."

I growl just like a tiger, wincing when I realize I've just
proven his point.

I roll my eyes. "Whatever. Back to what you were saying, about
why you're here and what about my friends?" I look him in the
eyes, wanting to know what's making him worried.

"I'm not worried."

"Pfft! Brann, I can smell it." I laugh softly.

"Your friends from, that island. The one where all of you lot
were trapped." I wince at his words and look out the window.
I don't like even the memory of being cagged in. "I here things
around my way. And your friends are the most interesting topic
I've picked up on."

"Whose mind did you read?" I ask, not turning around to look at

"Don't remember their names, but I do remember what they were
saying and thinking. They've got orders. From who, not even
they know."

Goose pimples run up my arms and I know there's much more.

"They're after all of you. Some are already caught." His voice
is getting quieter as ice runs down my spine.

Already caught. Sapphire, Kevin, Jadia, Esmerelda, Kate,
Adam/Caleb and Allan. Who've they got? How long? What
are they doing to them? Have they got Allan?

Oh, God! I feel sick!

The End

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