Jadia unlocked the oak front door and shook out her flame-coloured hair, which rippled as it bounced around her lightly-bronzed shoulders. It was a 1960s style bob, an unusual change from those ringlets that once had swung down past her shoulders, but something had told her that a change was needed.

Intuition, one would have said, but for Jadia, intuition was more than a silly little wives’ trick. For her, being omniscient was her way of her life, her way of making ends meet.

Jadia wouldn’t have said that her occupation had become that of a thief, but it helped to have door-codes and random strings of digits popping into her mind just when she found the food supplies deteriorating.

That was Jadia, in short: a normal sixteen-year-old girl on the outside, living alone and who had passed her GCSEs with surprisingly flying colours, but at night, Jadia was a breaking-and-entering toolster, like someone off the TV programme that she would occasionally watch: Leverage.

As Jadia pulled off her long black jumpsuit, she gazed up at the moonlight pouring in through her bedroom window. It occurred to her that her former friends might be living their lives out so normally now, even after the TV and newspaper scares. Jadia couldn’t bare the fact that both her father, Owen, and brother, Caleb, were now gone, vanished in their fits of greed and madness. Jadia understood now, that all Owen wanted to do was to make sure the world lived a better life (by getting rid of those with the same abilities as he and his family, Owen had assumed that the world would not have to go through the same pain that he had when he had left Marguerite, his wife, and Jadia’s mother). It was a natural instinct for a parent not to want their children to go through the same childhood pain as they had. Not that Jadia would have known what it was like to raise a nice family. Her partner, Kevin, had deserted her, even after she had brought him back to life!

Jadia shrugged, and slid onto her bed, feeling the heat radiate from the outside, even in the middle of summer’s night. She guessed that she just wasn’t pretty enough, wasn’t good enough for any boys to look at her…perhaps she wasn’t even powerful enough.

Falling asleep slowly, Jadia’s mind was still active, and today it felt like it was transmitting information, but that wasn’t an uncommon feeling; Jadia had so much secret knowledge inside her, it was hard not to let bits of it slip away. She wondered what the others would think of her now. They probably blamed her for the whole fiasco at the island that had been locked up on. After all, it was Owen and his sneaky, disappearing, alien-possessed lover, Trish who had planned the kidnap of them all.

Well, wait until they find out how I live now.

She wasn’t the Jadia that they had known.

The End

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