Linsey : Last Track Of The Night.

"What do ya want Brann, I thought I made it clear that ya lot
aren't welcome around here." I say as calmly as I can but I
know he isn't buying any of it.

"We want you. And it looks like we're not the only ones." A evil
smile is on his face, his eyes screaming out danger, as he turns
and looks over to Art and his mates.

Art sees him looking and scowls, I can see his arm tensing. He
doesn't like them and I know he doesn't like them talking to me.
His mates don't look too keen on these lot either.

Arts eyes flash from Brann to me. I shake my head, making him
ball his fists and his lips turn into a thin line, but this
makes him turn his gaze away. His friends follow suit.

I roll my eyes at Brann and get him and his gang some beers.

"Brann don't." I hiss to him loudly over the music.

Brann raises a thick eyebrow. "What? You know more than anyone
that you should always be alert."

I scowl at him with my red-brown eyes, amusement sparkles from

"Why are you here?" I hiss, not buying that he just wants to say

Brann shrugs, never letting his smile slip from his face. "Once
an orphan together, always an orphan together." Brann whispers,
leaning over the counter.

He taps his forehead than mine. Goodbye. Our goodbye.

Him and his gang turn and dissappear straight into the crowd of

Mannies voice booms around the club, saying this was the last
night for Dark Dragon until it gets done-up in three weeks

I open another bottle of water and see Bonnie grab her stuff
than ran out of the club with a massive smile on her face. Good,
she needs some excitement in her life.

I turn back to the clubbers, my eyes searching for Branns gang
but seeing Arts group right in front of me. "Linsey, we can
take them! Just let us at them after hours and they won't be
bothering you anymore!"

I smile warmly at Blake, the youngest of the boxers.

"Thanks but I'm good."

"But if they start messing with you, then we'll be on them in a

"Blake. You're the youngest so I'll let ya off but if anyone
starts messing with me, I can sort it out myself!" I snap at him,
making him go quiet but making the others laugh. They know what
I'm like. New kid doesn't.

Anyway, they wouldn't be able to take on Branns gang but I can't
tell them why. They'll think I'm mad if I say Branns lot have

I grab them some beers than pass them over.

Art leans over the counter, looking me straight in my eyes.
"Who is that guy?"

I shrug. "Just a dude I know." I mutter as I scan for Brann.

"Linsey if he's your old guy..."

I start laughing and look at Art and the rest. "Brann? My old
guy?" I shake my head, still laughing. "No he isn't. He's too
up himself and go a bigger ego than all of ya put together. My
old dude on the other hand is nothing like him." A sad smile
spreads over my face as I think about Allen.

My Allen. My sweet, caring, Allen.

I smile around at them all and shake my head. They all have
nothing against Allan.

I see Brann walk upstairs and into my room, opening the door
without any trouble. Before he walks in, he turns back and our
eyes lock in a moment of understanding. He wants to talk to me
and he will after hours when I'm up there.

"Right ya lot, go have one last dance. Have fun and maybe, my
chance, you'll get some." I wink at them as they walk off
protesting. I smile as I watch them go.

My thoughts aren't on my work, or them, or Brann, but on Allen.
Remembering all the times I was with him on that island.

The End

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