Allen: A big ego


The English teacher finishes her lecture before dismissing us all, and once the bell rings, all  I hear is everyone calling out my name.

"Allen, come over today man, if your not doing practice." A short guy named Ethan calls out.

"Allen, I was wondering if you would.." A girl steps in my way and blushes," Go to the movies with me maybe."

"Erm, I'm busy, you got me on facebook right?We can plan a time perhaps." I say trying to reject the girl without really rejecting her, and well without saying do I even know you? Which is the truth.

" Um..." She reply but I walk past her not listening to her response. I was well known for my sports achievements, my charisma, being a hero for taking down a few thugs. It was a good life style but each minute of it changed who I used to be. I had a major ego, I brushed people at the bottom of the social ladder of like nothing. I didn't have time for well you know my friends from the island. But they would not recognize who I've become this big headed, egotistic jock.

"Allen come lets get to the field need to go over a few plays with coach." Josh says outside the class.

"Football tonight, crap nearly forgot." I lied, I was thinking of dropping football ( American football), I tried not using my powers for it, but it was becoming natural to use my powers and I was hurting people, and plus I was becoming an undefeated force on the field."

"Yeah man you okay? you never forget stuff like this." Josh says. He is my best friend, and seemed really close to me almost like a brother. Still popular belief had him pegged him as gay. I haven't asked him out of one those unspoken rules between us like how I feel around my ex girlfriend which by the way was a failed attempt at forgetting Linsey it just made things worse, and my guilt was easy to read by everyone, even to her leading to the breakup.

" Yeah fine just a bit tired from last night, ya know?"

"Oh yeah, that was a party to top all parties."

" Not really, you haven't been to a concert with booze, and a fake I.D." I grin.

"Ha you don't drink much anyways Allen you wouldn't know what it was like for me."

"Perhaps, its not about being hammered though josh, its about having a good time with your friends."

"What's the difference?"

"Maturity." I reply.

"You call that mature?"

" Yeah."

"That's an unfortunate opinion."

" Whatever, come one coach is waiting for us." I say as we reach the edge of the field the team already huddled in the middle.

"You two are 3 minutes late 300 pushups both of ya after practice."

"Yes sir." Josh and I say at the same time laughing it off because we both know coach will let us go Scott free.

"Anyways you two meet ou new team member. Fred, Allen ,and Josh, our two most renown atheletes here at sea to sky secondary. Allen, Josh, this is Fred." I take one look at Fred, he stood atleas a foot and bit taller than me, and was built like a freight train, I would almost find him intimidating if it hadn't been my experience on the island.

"Hey Fred nice to meet ya, welcome to the team." I say, Josh does a similar greeting.

"Hi." Fred mumbles shyly. I already didn't like the feeling i was getting from this guy, quiet, secretive, and well unnaturally big.

"Okay enough of this prattle, lets get down to the dirt." Coach says.

Minutes later its me and Fred head to head, he has the ball and he is charging me like a bull. I couldn't be helped energy built up around my body and I blocked him, he stopped dead in his tracks deeply surprised I stopped him. I grinned as began to push him back when the impossible happened he sent me flying fifteen yards back sending me skidding across the grass.  Now I was the one who was surprised, not even someone with that much muscle could simply send me flying fifteen yards back when I support myself with energy.  I spring back up and charge  at him using energy to boost my speed I tackle him with ease we both crash to the ground, I look into his dark brown eyes, I could tell he was not normal something behind those eyes gave it away. We come to a stop on the ground.

"Good Job Allen, Fred." Good attitude , but Fred, you should try to get away from the opponent and not barrel into him even though I doubt you will ever go against someone like Allen its a good skill to have."

The rest of the practice continues on for a while nothing out of the usual happens, not even at the end. Still I couldn't shake the feeling Fred had powers, but what kind of powers, would allow him to do that?

"That Fred guy man, he is weird, its like he is a robot or something." Josh saunters up beside me. I laugh with undertone of nervousness.

"Ha, ha. That would be something wouldn't it?"


The End

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