Sapphire: Torture

Walking away from the still burning building, James dragged me to a discrete and quiet café a couple of streets away and sat me down.  We didn't talk for a while the only sounds are of him ordering and the faint buzz of the coffee machine in the background. But suddenly he broke the silence;

"Look, Sapphire, I know you have been in an awkward place and I don't want you to feel like you have to rush into anything." James says, looking into my eyes. I look straight back, knowing that really, he's telling the truth, and feeling somewhat calm and peaceful in his presence.

Not for the first time I thought back about Caleb. How he always tried to look after me and cared about me. And then how he sent that all back into ruins. I still will never know why he ever did what he did.

"... so we'll just take it one step at a time. Sapphire? Sapphire are you ok?" I suddenly snap back to realise I've been crying and not listening to one word of what James was saying.

"I'm sorry just thinking about all the things that have been stressing me out recently." I sniff and wipe my eyes on a spare, and even slightly charred tissue.

"Well do you want to talk about it or...?" he asks me, but stops, seeing the intensity in my eyes.  I sip my coffee and look at him, thinking about things.

"You see James; I have seen things people have only ever seen in movies. I have done things that people have only dreamed about and things which have changed my life forever. Also things which have made me happy made me sad and then made me happy all over again. I have even done things which I am not proud of." I looked at him to see how he was taking this, and if he was taking it the right way. The intent in his face didn't really give me any clue so I stayed quiet; thinking this was best, let him think things over.

In the end he spoke;

"Sapphire, I know what happened back at school, I saw it. It was no accident; I watched it happen before my eyes. There was something in you, some sort of presence, power even, that was making you do that, making you burn the place on fire." I look at him, searching for the right words, searching to see if he was going to mock me, but all I could find was affection.

"Yes and no. It's complicated." I sigh, "you see..."  Don't tell him Sapphire, how do you know you can trust him? All he's going to do is laugh at you, say your being stupid, or take you to a secret government place where they will cut you up to examine you. Don't do that. Not again. And what if he leaves you like Caleb did? This thing got to me again, confusing me, messing up my thoughts, what is it doing?

"I can't do this, I just can't!" I scream, and run out of the café, leaving James behind, not looking back to see his reaction, and with no way of contacting him, but I don't care. I run, and run, and run. Not really knowing where my legs are taking me, until I get to a park, at which I used to go when I was little.

By this time it was getting dark, but I didn't care, so I hunched up under a tree trying to get my thoughts to drift away.

But before I could even begin to relax, I caught a change in tension in the air. And not a good one. I look around trying to see across the Park, but it's too dark by this time. I can sense them; they are coming closer, coming for me. But who? And why?

Deep down I think I knew why, and it made me feel sick. Suddenly I heard something behind me which made me jump;

"Look what we have here, seems we have managed to find ourselves another one" I spin around to get a look at the enemy, but only making out vague shadows of 2 widely built men.  

"You dare get any closer to me and I'll make you regret it" I say, with a note of snarl in my voice.

"Looks like we've got ourselves a fiery one here" says one to the other, and they both chuckle, which in turn makes my stomach hurl.

"I recon we could have ourselves a bit of fun with this one" one says after they have finished, and he steps towards me, which instinctively makes me react by throwing a fireball at him. He dodges it and it misses him by inches.

"No need for that" says the other one, and he takes out from his pocket, something that looks like a gold coloured piece of string. I go for his face with my hands, and try to throw fireballs at him, but the other grabs my hands behind my back so hard it makes me kneel. I try to shoot at him but they seem to miss him, but as I can't see, I cannot tell. The one with the string then passes it to the other, who ties it around my hands and then feet.

I try to scream at them, all my emotions running through me, but they just laugh. I try again to throw my fire-power at them but nothing even tries to come out this time. I try and try again, but it doesn't work. All it does is make me feel really exhausted.

"I would save your energy if I were you missy, that electro-plasmic-string stunts your powers. Plus you may want to save your energy for what's going to happen next" they both grin at each other, as one picks me up.

"Let me go you rat b***ards, I will..." but the other one ties a cloth around my mouth so my cries only come out in muffles. They then both shove me in the back of a van and follow, shutting the doors. The next hour was the worst of my life, and I had a feeling there was worst to come.

The End

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