They're Here!

"See, dancing with me isn't that bad is it Tiger-girl?" Art
whispers in my ear as we dance around the floor.

"Well, Art-boy, it is terrible dancing with you but I think I
can survive it." I smile up at Art who smiles back.

"What's so bad about dancing with me? Scared I'm making you look
bad with my epicness?"

"Ha! What epicness? You're not epic at anything."

"Ouch, that's cold Tiger-girl." Art pretends to look upset but I
just laugh.

"Well, I'm sorry. I'm not having you get a big head."

"Tiger, it's not going to get bigger than yours, that's
impossible." Art laughs. I scowl and step on his toe then smile
hugely, making him laugh again.

The song ends and I start walking back to the bar, where I see
Bonnie trying to handel the increasing amount of teenage
clubbers wanting drinks.

"Oh come on! You are not going back to work now!" Art tries to
grab my arm again but I dodge him and keep going towards the bar,
turning back now and then to give Art a cheeky smile to Art.

"Hey Bonnie, need help?" I laugh as I jump over the bar and tend
to the people that Bonnie is too busy to get to.

"No, no, no, Linsey. I'm okay. You go dance with Art." She
flashes me another bright smile as she wipes sweat off her brow.
"Seriously, keep dancing. It's good to see you smile like this
again. Plus, I don't think Art will last that long with the
amount of girls eyeing him up. Better get in there and save your
man!" She laughs.

The bottle of beer slips out of my hands but I quickly catch it
again. Even though I'm not using my powers, I still like my
quick reflexes and stuff.

"My w-what?!" I stutter, catching my breath, and passing the
beers to the thirsty teens.

"Your man. Don't worry, I'll keep it quiet." She winks at me as
she passes. I can see Art coming over to the bar again, flirting
with a few girls as they swoop around him like vultures. Pfft,
I'm a better vulture than that! Well, I can be if I choose to

"Bonnie, he's not my man. Just a mate. I'm not dating." I yell
to her as she walks to the other end of the bar, still smiling.

I know my smile has gone as I pass drink to whomever orders them.
Art and me? Noooo way. Do we look like we're together? I shake my
head as another image of Allans face fills my mind.

I ball one hand into a fist, trying to get rid of the urge to
have his arms around me again. Just once more, I just want to
see him again.

Bloody hell Linsey get a grip!

I'm not going to get all depressed over this when I was the one
who made sure he won't contact me!

I shake my head again, beating away the tight pain that circles
my chest. Work, just work.

Oh, I wish I was out tonight! The night air always helps me
forget. Plus, I still need to find the ring, the trapped soul
and the lost soul. I think I'm close. I have a feeling I'm on
the right track, my animal instincts tell me that, even if they
are quieter than they used to be.

"Hey! Hey! Hey Black Dragon clubbers! Mannie's here with some
awesome new tracks! Come on clubbers, lets rock this
cluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub!" Mannies voice booms out of the speakers,
getting cheers from the raving people.

Mannie plays another track, one he's been working on for ages,
making the clubbers start raving on the dance floor. I pull a
fake smile again as hardly anyone is by the bar.

I get a couple more beers from storage then I feel Bonnies thin
arm go over my shoulders, still smiling. A new twinkle is in her

"Linsey, I have to go. Just for 5 minuets or so." I look at her
and see she's excited, it's radiating off her in waves.

"Who's the dude?" I ask as I get a water from the counter and
take a greedy gulp.

Bonnie blushes, lowering her eyes for a second then she looks up
at me again.

"His name's Rickston. It's foreign. Not sure where from. Anyway,
he's here and I said I could see him for a quick bit. Sorry for
ditching you."

I laugh lightly and put a hand on her shoulder. "Bonnie. Go. I
have had my break. Now it's yours." I smile at her as she
bounces up on her toes and gives me a hug then jumps over the
counter. "Oh, and Bonnie! If he tries anything, I'll sort him
out!" I shout out after her. She turns her head, smiles, then
runs into this tall dudes arms.

I carry on doing my work, blocking out any pains about my past
that wish to enter my mind tonight.

"Tiger-girl, you look like you're going to burst a blood thingy.
Calm it. Have a dance with me." Art smiles, leaning over the
counter, looking at me.

"Art. This is called a job. J-o-b. This is what people do to get
money. I need this. Anyway, I owe Cobra." I say, not looking at
him but start to clean up where some drunk kid spilt his drink.

"Oh, come on..."

"No Art! I'm busy. Go hook up with one of those hookers over
there." I snap, nodding my head in the vulture like girls

"Wow, wow, wow, Tiger-girl. You really need to cool it." Art
jumps over the bar and takes the paper towel out of my hands. He
holds onto my hands, not letting me get away.

"You work too hard."

"I don't work enough."

Art shakes his head, his face serious. "Don't think I know what
you're doing and why you're doing it. Whoever he is, he isn't
worth it. Don't drown yourself in work, not for him."

I look up, ready to protest but it gets caught in my throat. Art
has never looked this serious before.

"Anyway, you can't get depressed over him." A small smile
appears on his face.

"And why's that Art?"

"Because you think I'm smoking." He wink and I burts out
laughing, freeing my hands and handing over a couple of beers to
some people.

"Yeah, keep thinking that Green eyes." I laugh, shaking my head,
taking another gulp of my water.

"I know you do. Who could resist someone who looks like me?" He
smiles down at me as I roll my eyes.

"Erm, someone with eyes maybe?" I joke and put my bottle under
the counter again.

As the hours go by, Art stayed behind the bar, not doing
anything.  Bonnie is still with her guy but I don't mind, she's
been working a lot lately, taking my hours as I go out looking
for those thing that'll help me to get answers that I need.

"So, Tiger-girl. Where do you go on your nights off? No one seems
to know." Art asks, handing me another bottle of beer for the
dude who ordered it.

I freeze for a second but quickly recover. " You've been asking
around about me?"

"Why you interested?" He shoots back.

I smile. "Touché"

"Seriously, where'd you go?"

I take another gulp of my water, then drain the rest of it. Why
won't Art just drop it? Think girl, think! Where can I say that
I go when I'm out?

"Erm. I don't really want to talk about it. Not here anyway."
I turn and look at him, trying to hold his eyes but failing. I
sigh and look away.

"Come on. It can't be that bad, where'd you go?" Art still
tries to hold my gaze while he flips a bottle of beer. "Why won't
you just tell me Tiger-girl?"

I bite my bottom lip and take the beer out of his hand and pass
it to the group behind the counter along with a couple other


"I go to see my parents okay?" I snap, then suddenly wish I didn't.
I don't feel bad about snapping, it's just that I hate talking
about my parents. It makes me feel weak. Not good. And for me to
use them as an excuse...? God, I'm such a bad person!

I do go see them. Kind of. I go to the house where they... where
I, killed them. It's still as bad as it was when I first left it.
No one wants to go near it. They're afraid it'll fall on them or

As I own the house, I don't let anyone near it. Not to sort it
out or anything.

"Linsey... I didn't know." Arts voice brings me back to the club.
He's looking towards the door. I secretly smile a sad smile to
myself. Art is like me in this way, he doesn't like the whole
emotional stuff and talking about my dead parents is real

Art turns his head to me, mouth open, about to say something but
I put my hand up, my body freezing. Alert. My eyes start to
search the crowd, looking for them.

I can sence them near, I just can't see them. Where are they?

"Linsey?" Art is by my side, looking at my face then out at the
clubbers, then back again.

"Art. Get out of here. Go!" He starts to protest but I interupt
quickly. "Now Art! I'll text you later or something." I snap,
not looking at him.

I can sence Art walking away, off to join some of his mates that
he came here with. He'll be confused, but I can always tell him
it was to do with my parents or something. He keeps out of
things like this. That's probably why I let him be my friend.

Now, where are they?!

A scent travels to my nose and I fight the urge to change into
a tiger or something. I can feel my body wanting to change, my
muscules wanting to expand.

I bite my lip as I concerntrate, trying to get control over my

Come on Linsey! Get control! Bring it!

I start to give more and more beers over to people, still 
stretching all of my sences to find those people.

I know they're coming towards the bar, I can feel it. My
brown-red eyes try to pin point them but fail as more and
more people are getting in my sight.

"Well, you look good Linsey." A voice comes from behind me.
They're here. I turn around and face them, my knucles white and
my jaw closed tight. "Why, it looks like you're not happy to
see us. Shame. We're sooooo happy to see you."

The End

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