Linsey : Here And Now.

I let the music sway through my me, making me dance to it, my
fake smile on my face as I fill glasses up with whatever
concocktion that they ask for.

"Tiger, keep it up babe!" Cobra whispers in my ear as she floats
past me in her flowey red skirt and white shirt and a dazerling
smile on her face.

As she walks towards the DJ booth, I can see her snake tattoo
from her wrists to her shoulder.

I wish I could be as careless as her, but I think I'm doing okay,
after all I've learnt from the best.


"Hey! Bar girl! Where's my drink?!"

I grit my teeth and spin around, a bottle of vodka in my right
hand, my knuckles turning white.

"Look! I name is not 'bar girl'! And if you dare talk to me like that
again, I'll beat you so hard, you'll think you're..."

The guy starts laughing, shaking his head, showing off a
blinding toothy smile.

I stop talking, eyes widening then quickly narrowing again, my
hands on my hips.

"When's your break?" He asks in a familiar voice, mischief in
his light green eyes.

I refill someones drink and take the money, pretending to think.

"Well, I could be off now... but nah." I smile and shrug
slightly as I tease him.

"Okay then. Have it your way." Suddenly he jumps over the bar
so he's standing next to me, his grin bigger than before.

"Haven't you learnt your lesson from last time you did this?" I
ask playfully, his eyes seem to shine brighter like a kid at a
candy shop.

"What if I said that I don't remember?" A cocky grin.

"Then, I'll have to do the same as last time."

He raises an eyebrow then looks onto the dancefloor where I
through him the first time he climbed over here. His gaze
comes back to me, his head tilted to one side.

"Guess that could be fun." He mutters more to himself but
knowing I can hear him.

"Oi! Linsey, pass us that bottle, we've run out over here!" A
high pitched voice yells over the music.

"Bonnie, this is the last bottle here too! Catch it this time or
you'll be paying for the next batch!" I yell back, throwing the
bottle towards the voice of my co-worker, Bonnie. "Bonnie, pass
the red wine bottle, the one that we bourght the other day!"

She throws the other bottle to me and I catch it behind my back
and start twirling it around, hearing gasps around me.

"Wow, now that's skills." Green eyes mutters, rolling his eyes
as I show off.

"Just 'cause you can't do this." I say loudly over the music as
I pour out the wine into the waiting glasses and take the money.
I slide the glasses down the bar to the waiting hands of the

"Bonnie, can you handel this lot?" I yell to the curley

She smiles brightly at me. "No problem Linsey."

I jump over the bar without any problem.

"Green eyes, are you following me?" I ask, still walking towards
the DJ booth.

"We're here to dance right?" He says and grabs my hand, turning
me around to face him. "Dance with me." He whispers, his warm
breath hitting my face.

I scowl, but I can't get rid of my smile.

"Not yet Art. I need to talk to Cobra." I take my arm away from
his grip and run up the spiral stairs up to the booth. "Yo.
Cobra, we need more vodka, run out. Hey Mannie, how's it going?"
I smile and high five Mannie, the DJ.

Cobra smile brightly. "Okay. Seeya in a bit, I'm stAaying up
here tonight." She smiles again and I nod and head down the
stairs, taking two at a time.

I stand in the middle of the dance floor, screaching for the one
who wanted to dance with me in the first place. Oh, this is just
a p*ss take!

A strong arm goes around my waist, my mind quickly takes me to
the times when Allan used to do stuff like this. I turn my head,
a massive smile on my face but falls as I look into two light
green eyes.

"What? I don't get a smile?" The grin is still there. "Jezz, who
died?"I scowl at him. I'm more pissed off that I let myself
think Allan could be here than jumping out of my skin because of
stupid green eyes!

"Shut it Green eyes!" I snap as a new song comes on.

He looks down at me, the smile never leaving his face. "Dance
with me Tiger."

I smile again and shake my head. There's no use living in the
past. I'm here. Allan isn't. That's the way it is and I'll have
to learn that sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

I start to dance again, living in the here and now.

The End

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