Kevin: Nowhere Is Safe

I was relieved to get off that boat and go home after bidding farewell to everyone. After much walking i finally got home.

As i got home, i finally say my sister, Ellie, i missed her so much.

"Guess whose home Ellie!" i shouted as i got home.

"Kevin!" she shouted back, smile on her face as she ran toward me grabbing me into a hug "I missed you, where have you been?"

"It doesn't matter, what matters is I'm home now" I said, smile appearing on my face.

There were many loud knocks on the door.

"Let us in, this is the police!"

I went to answer the door, but when i opened it the meant didn't look like police officers. They had black suits and glasses, with short hair.

"Your coming with us" one of them said. He went to grab my shoulder, so i grabbed his arm and froze him completely. I punched him in the stomach shattering the ice. The other one radioed for back up the moment i fought back.

I made a sharp icicle appear in my hand and i threw it at him, piercing his throat. He fell to the ground bleeding, dead.

I ran back into the house to make sure Ellie was OK, she wasn't there. I looked around the house and noticed the back door was open. I ran out the back garden and looked up and down my street. I noticed a black car driving off into the distance, that must be her in there.

I ran down my front garden path, made ice blacks in mid air to jump up on to get onto the rooftops. I ran along these rooftops and followed the car, when i finally got close enough for me to freeze the engine, i did so and the car came to a stop.

The men in black stepped out of the car, and Ellie wasn't in there. I jumped off the roof and almost immediately after that i was surrounded by lots of them. I rose an ice spike from the ground and it destroyed the car in front of me. I then ran over to the car to double check Ellie wasn't in there. Then all the surrounding men started shooting at me. I created a shield of ice over me and then exploded it outward, stabbing a few of them.

I was then shot in the shoulder sending me to the ground. My vision going a bit blurry from the pain, i saw one of the men walk up to me. Point his gun at my face and shoot. It all went black.

I later woke up in some large white room, and a mark on my head. I was tied to a chair and there was a table next to me with a notepad on it. On the other side of the room was a mirror, most likely one of those one way windows though. A little bit to the side of that was a door, almost blended in with the walls.

A guy walked in through that door, he looked like a scientist. He had the short hair, he had the glasses. He had the white lab coat. He had with him another chair, he set it down and picked up the notepad.

"So, Kevin, where are the others? You have caused quite a problem you lot" He said "You should of stayed there, it was the safest place you could of been"

"I don't know where the others are..." I said, still feeling the pain in my shoulder

"Well then, you'll be staying here until we find them all, capture them, and bring them back. When really, we know the location of a couple. One you may know of, the other you may not. We have Sapphire and James. You know Sapphire?"

"Yeah, i remember her well"

"Well then, you may be seeing her shortly" He smiled evilly as he said that, he wrote a few things down onto the notepad and took it out with him.

"Well, this is going to be fun" I said to myself

The End

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