Linsey : Black Dragon and Cobra

I've got the same clothes on that I had last night, a tight red top and black jeans, it's now the afternoon. This is early for me to get back at this sort of time.

I jump up on the bins by the side of the club and jump up to the open window easily. I don't look down at the ground below but I climb through the window and into the little dark room. My room.

I put my bag down on my bed and get changed out of my clothes then waslk into the bathroom. I turn the shower on and it soon warms up.....

With my towel wrapped firmly around my body, I open the door and walk back into my room. As I get changed into fresh clothes I can hear people moving things about downstairs, getting ready for yet another night.

A light but strong knock on my door. I tie my hair up into a high ponytail as Cobra comes in looking flustered.

"We needed you last night." Many would say her voice as tonless, but they can't hear the way I can. With the ability to change into whatever animal I choose, I can hear, see and react better than most. Even if I haven't used my powers since I've had that dream.

Run. Run. Run. That's all you ever do Linsey. You run. But now you have to look. Look around you. See where you're running. See what you're running into.

Search. Search. Search. That's what you have to do. Find the things you need and find out what really happend. Find out about the dragon.

Stay away. Stay away. Stay away. That's from everyone you know. Don't make contact. Don't say anything to anyone. Don't get close.

You. You. You. That's all there is now. Just you. Don't endanger anyone else. Leave them be. Keep them safe by staying away.

When. When. When. You get away from this island leave the others. All of them. Find the reason for the dragon. Find the reason why there was a gunshot in your parents house. Find the blood with the message. Find the trapped soul and set it free. Find the lost soul and give the ring back to the sea.....

Linsey. Leave the others once you're home. Stay away and find the lost soul. Find the ring. Find the trapped soul. Find the answers that you need.......

Don't. Don't. Don't Use your abilities. Never again. Leave them be. People will be safe if you leave them be. Find the two souls and the ring without them. Set them free.

I remeber it as clearly as if I heard it just now. This is the reason why I'm here. This is the reason why I'm always out, not that I could ever tell Cobra this, she thinks I need spare and she gives it to me. No questions asked.

"Those men were back again, looking for you I think but I sent them packing, told them you weren't here. They shouldn't bother you tonight. You are still working tonight Linsey, you need to pay your part of the rent." Cobras voice invades my thoughts, making me look her straight in her dark eyes.

"Cobra, would I ever let you down? I'll work behind the bar, just like normal." I pull a fake smile. Cobra shakes her head, a small smile appearing on her face.

I can never pull of my fake smile when it comes to her but she has been though a lot over the years, and knows she shouldn't question.

She turns to go, her hand on the door knob.

"If those guys give you any more trouble..."

"I'll bet the living hell out of 'em! Don't worry Cobra, I can handle them."

Cobra turn to face me, sadness in her eyes. Its the same sadness that was there when I got taken away from her care many moons ago.

"I know you can. Come down soon, we need your help with the newbies." Cobra shakes her head and pull a fake smile herself, all signs of sadness perfectly hiden. I smile softly, for Cobra is the one who taught me that trick.

"See ya at ten latest." I say, turning my back to her, preteding I've got things to do.

"Not a moment later. I hope you find the thing you're looking for Tiger." And with that she's gone.

'Find the thing you're looking for...?' Does she know? Yes she does, that much is clear. But how?

I shrug it off and open my bag where a small cloth is wrapped around what I found last night. I carefully put it in the box under my bed, hidden.

I get to my feet again and put in some earrings, ready for work.

I look around my room. As soon as I knocked on the door Cobra has treated me like I never left. Here is where I live and work with her.

I don't just work here because I pay some of the bills but because I'm looking out for someone. Someone who I shouldn't. Someone who I told here is where I'd be. Does he know that Black Dragon is the name of this club?

I shake my head getting rid of thoughts of what happend on that dreadful island.

I bit my lip knowing that I can't forget it but I do wish I hadn't told him where to find me. It's not right. Not fair. Not for him.

I sigh deeply, clearing my mind. I'm going to work tonight and if those guys came near me again, well, I guess I'll have to take it outside.

A real smile touches my face as an image of me in the alleyway with two frightened men fills my mind. I can see what could happen so clearly. First, they'll think they can mess with me but then I'll use my abilities. I'll transform into a tiger! Then they'll be sorry.

But no... I can't do that. I won't use my abilities. I can still beat them without though.

Fighting tactics enter my mind as I walk out of my room, locking the door, then down to the club floor, ready for work. They won't know what hit them!

The End

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