Sapphire: Starting again

Yes Sapphire, burn them to the ground, burn them all to hell... As a great pain sears through me the power keeps coming, keeps on flowing, it was pain but I was welcoming it almost enjoying it, then something caught me off guard, distracted me, and relieved me from the pain. Was this possible? I look at the thing which broke through my barrier, seemingly immune to the fire around it.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw a guy I never recognised before walking through the flames. They seemed to be smothering him, but not as I knew, touched him. Why? This was very weird. Don't stop now Sapphire, you've only just started, keep going, you don't need them... The voice starts to fade as does the flames around me. Feeling mentally and physically drained, I sensed that something horrible has managed to grab hold of me, and that it may be gone for now, but it will come back, this scared me the most.

I look up to see the guy who helped relieve me from my pain I see that he carries on walking towards me. Feeling calm in his presence, but also scared about what had just happened, about the entity that grabbed hold of me, about what it could do, about what it will do, I manage to look up at the person who relieved me of my pain.

"Wh... who are you?" I ask, "you probably know who I am... everyone talks about me I bet," feeling that he'll just reject me, just toss me onto the heap like everyone else, and regretting to hear his answer, Yet needing to know his answer, to know why, how, he managed to get to me unscathed, and to distract this thing inside me long enough for it to stop.

"I'm James" he replies, "I don't know who you are though. I'd like to know. " This gives me slight hope but the feeling of dread still overwhelms me.

"I'm Sapphire" I finally reply, catching my voice in my throat.

"Come with me" he said, almost pulling me to a classroom on another floor, the art room.

"See this here, I drew this" I stare at the picture of a magnificent phoenix rising from what seemed to be ashes,

"To many, the phoenix stands for passion and such, to me it means rebirth. The renewal of life... When I see this picture, it helps me."

This made me think back, think to what I had endured, all the torment, the torture, the love, the hate, the anger, the betrayal and... and Caleb. I could feel my eyes welling up, but determined to stay strong I focus on what James is saying.

"So will you let me into your life?" I look at him; stare into his murky blue eyes, the way he just looked at my face, the way he did look at my face, like I was some sort of goddess, the fact that this hole that had been left since Caleb well... turned, and was fighting to be filled made me feel that maybe I could just have a normal life, to forget about what had happened, to forget Trish, to forget that island and to even forget, dare I think it, Caleb.

"James. You see things have been difficult for me recently, I have just moved back here, I feel lonely and just want to forget my past, and yes I feel that maybe being with you would well... maybe fill the gap that I have had for a long time now." In response to this he smiled, but a kind and gentle smile, and I managed to give one back, hoping to forget everything and to just be a normal person again.

The End

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