Trapped 2: Betrayal

So the members of 'Trapped' have managed to get home, but with a few set backs. They plan to tell the world about their powers- but will the combined forces of Caleb and an unknown helper to stop them while trying to rid the World of the 'cursed' people...

HOME. I was actually quite looking forward to coming back, but I just wished we stayed on that damn island now. Y’see there was this big scare about how all of us went missing on the news and how we were missing for so many days and blahblahblah. Though they didn’t manage to link our stories or identities up, gosh they are stupid sometimes.  We went back home, not that many of us had family to go to, or a home in fact. And then we had the police questioning us, though we all agreed to just act tired, or that we lost our memory (haha since some of us did at one point!). But I don't think they truly belived us.

 So while we sorting lots of things out, like places to live and what to do,generally trying to live our lives, the questioning suddenly stopped completely, and it came off the TV and was erased from the Newspapers. At first no-one thought anything of it but after a while it just got really suspicious, not that I’m exactly complaining.There was not one single thing.

 But being at home isn’t easy, mum and dad whisper all the time, sometimes almost like a quiet argument, and when I go in the room they would go quiet and smile weirdly. They knew about by powers, but not about their full extent, and that is how I want it for now.

 School wasn’t that easy either, I mean yeah, it was nice to see my freinds, or at least the ones who weren't scared of me, but it wasn't the same, we just don't have much in common anymore. And as for my 'other' boyfriend? Turns out he's seeing some other girl now so I just ignore him. Not that I'd want to go anywhere near him  anyway, I think about Caleb too much. When I walk around school it's like everyone goes quiet and starts whispering. I know what they're saying, I can hear it now, somthing that happened that last day when I felt Jadia's voice inside my head.

One time I heard someone say somthing really nasty, which got me angry and I threw a fireball at the rubbish bin, which set on fire... oops. If Caleb was here he'd joke with me, say how clumsy I was, make me laugh. But there was no Caleb, and the only laughing wasn't comming from me. 

As for the others? Well we speak regularly to eachother but I find that they now have their own lives and are wavering in and out less and less.

Sitting in physics, I felt a ball of paper hit the back of my head, just ignore it Saph, It'll only make things worse. Then a second one hit the back of my heard again, followed by gigling, right, I dare you to throw another one. This time I was ready for it when they threw the third one I lifted up my hand and the paper caught on fire, which fell on the floor and burst right on the spot, the whole classs whent silent.

'Sapphire, what are you doing?' asked the teacher, 'Go to the headmasters office at once!' Well nothing new there then, I sigh, why do people think I'm a total reject because of being 'lost' for a couple of months? I start walking down the hallway, people don't care about how you feel, they are all the same, selfish.

Suddenly the anger engulfs me and I feel a burning sensation throughout my body, What do they care? They're just jealous, you don't need them, they'll just be in your way, trying to stop you becomming who you really are! You'll show them! And suddenly without realising it everything around me sets on fire. Yes, go on Sapphire, yes burn the whole place down, burn it into a cinder, what are they to you? Nothing but people who  could stand in your way, Says the voice in my head, letting it take over me, consume me. Looking around me the whole place is ablaze with people trapped, screaming, running, bleeding. What are they to me? Just another brick to add to the defences, they don't understand me, how could they? Yes Sapphire, burn them to the ground, burn them all to hell... 

The End

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