People are loked in a house they don't know why, and they can't get out. Everyone is loked inside a room and as they get out they meet other people, and they all start to develop powers. They are all trying to get out

Sapphire opens her eyes. Where is she? She cannot remember what has happened or how she got there. She cannot see much, as it's dark, just a rough shape of the mattress beneath her. She tries to stand up but feels very dizzy, and sinks back down into it. Flashes of some persons face flashes before her eyes but it's too blurry to make out. She tries to get her thoughts together and to remember what had happened. All she knows is that when she turned 16 she could do extraordinary things, but she can't remember what. And her sister knows about it. And now she found herself here. She didn't know what day it was or how long she's been there. Just that she was trapped and needed to get out- fast. She stands up again and checks to see if there is a door or window. But there is no window just a small door. Sapphire checks it to see if it opens- big surprise it doesn't. Now how to open it? She tries at it again, and keeps tugging at it, but nothing.

"Why won't you open!" she said and suddenly the door catches on fire.

"Whoa I didn't see that coming" she said under her breath.

"Well lets see how to get out of this place!"


The End

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