The two animals moved through the forest, using their sharp senses to discover the humans. 

"Ah," Mizar said.

The people they were looking for were hiking half a mile ahead. The thing that amazed Mizar and DeMarc was that both humans were, in fact, children.

Mizar barked, with as much force and volume as she could. As the two teens (or so it looked from Mizar and DeMarc's view) turned their heads slowly, both animals charged (or flew) forward. The teens ran as fast as they could, not believing what was happening.

"Wait, foolish humans!" DeMarc voice was commanding, deep. "Do people have to be so cowardly? Come!"

Without any words, therefore complaints, the children turned back and slowly walked forward.

Mizar spoke. "We will not harm you, but we don't mind a little, ah, interrogation."

The End

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