Towards the forest

The white eagle warily eyed the wolf, lowering its eyes every so often to nip at its carcass half-heartedly. At the same moment, the wolf, a rather large slate-colored beast, was staring off into the forest, her head held high. The humans she had watched walking into the forest were not in her field of view, but she was anticipating their return. "Probably going to chop all of the trees down," she muttered, starting to turn around. Before she could turn in a full semi-circle, the sound of a soft pat hit the ground beside her.

"DeMarc," said the wolf, without turning around. "You took your time."

"Aye, but pay no attention to it. We have larger issues." As the eagle said this, both pairs of eyes moved towards the forest.

"True," admitted the wolf. "Those humans are up to no good, as much as surely as my name is Mizar."


The End

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