Enya :I seeMature

"Just... tell me you're real, tell me you want the same thing I want, and tell me... tell me you will help me fight. Even if that means to the death, even if that means we will die, as long as the future of humanity becomes secure, tell me you will be beside me!"

I looked at him uncertainly, I want to fight...but can I really do it? Can I stand up and fight?

"Imagine it," he pressed "rub out the sky, delete the bots that roam around, change the children, Alter the concrete floor and what do you see?" I looked outside, trying to picture it all "you know what my mind sees when it looks for freedom?" he put his arm around my shoulder and pointed out to the sky like an affectionate teacher, "over in that playground, I see basketball hoops, I see rebellious teenagers smoking, kids slam dunking... see that fence, instead of barbed wire, I see a rundown, broken wooden one vandalised and scrawled with creative graffiti... and those buildings accross the way, I see more graffiti, I see messy front yards and apple trees that waft their fruity scent to nearby hungry boys and girls... and the sky, I see blue, the white scars that are planes flying overhead shedding dreams and an abundance of soft gold light.

"It's not perfect, it's not structured. It's human and it's madness but it's what we are... do you see?"

Moisture formed in my eyes as I pictured it all and I nodded "I do, I see it"

"Will you fight, even if it means to the death?"

"I'll fight until the last breath, nothing and no-one can stop us" I wondered how long we had left to talk, he needed to get back soon surely. "You should go. Afterall, we shouldn't let bots get a whiff of this. We're going to be the first, we're going to change it all" I hugged him, glad to have talked to someone sane, someone who knows.

"Enya, I'm coming in"

Crud, the headgirl "Two minutes....I'm not decent"

The End

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