Mike: Down with propaganda!Mature

I didn't really make the broadcast it is an old tape from the second uprising I was in. I just had to do a little Editing. The message was clear , This oppression must end , don't listen to propaganda , if you want to  take part simply look for places that are getting destroyed against the governments will. , and with I tried to usher as many civvilians  out of the building. The one thing about the virus that I had made was that I programmed it to have the robot disrupt the flow of energy so that eventually its power supply will...... Go boom.

Everyone stood out side the building as multiple explosions began to go off , and the media building crumbeled. The biggest  provider of propaganda fell , no longer would it be brainwashing , no longer would it inflict is twisted logic on the peoples. All these people I had sentenced to death but yet it look I had freed them. We no longer had a home , and I had a distinct feeling uprise bots where on they're way.

" Hey listen up. We are now criminals, all of you , even if you play a roll in this you will be considered a criminal for not dieing. Uprise bots will be on their way here shortly. We are weaponless. I suggest we find a new place to stay. Please don't stay at a freinds house because you will be putting them in danger." I said

That last part probably didn't mean anything though because capital city was pretty locked down.

The End

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