Enya : ickMature

The room was bland...like everywhere else, the head mistress seemed to imediatley dislike me, I smiled at that, repeating the words she told me to like a 'good girl'...ick.

The rules were explained to me but I hardly listened, they were the same as the law that I learned off by heart by the age of 6.

I was told to leave the room and go unpack so thats what I did, I left the room, walked strait past the head girl who was beginning to get on my nerves with her law talk and skipped to my room. The bots seemed less...well there were less so this I could get away with.

I locked my dorm door behind me "Access code 333 delta 6" the camera's gave me some privacy and then I saw something peculiar...a man.

"What are you doing in my room?"

"Please tell me your the girl who edits my novels"

"Your novels?" I smile "Finally!" I whisper "I'm glad theres at least one sane person in this world, I love the way you incorporate your messages. Genius!"

I saw the corner of his mouth twitch "Look I don't have long"

"Why?...oh, your under house arrest"


"How long have you got?"

"55 minutes, but it'll take 15 to get back so...40"

"Okay then, what did you want to say?"

The End

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