Mike: Starting somethingMature

I get out on my job and my street bot Accompanies me on every job. Luckily My tweaking make this bot extremely friendly. After I finished my jobs I didn't go with curfews I went on strolls picking up what I decieded would be useful.  Afterwards I sat at home making my self what the goverment would call extemely unpure and illegal. To me it was a way to beat robots without a weapon. I called them combat supports. They improved human strength and speed , and If i was a doctor I would also find a way to improve reflexes. I also had to be careful with these things they had a tendency to pull limbs off the body when calibrated poorly.

After that was all set and I was wearing my very own combat supports , I got a call out, well I had made I made the call out up earlier when I was performing maitenance at a bot terminal. My bot came to life.

" Lets go on a riot!" I grin.

The robot only moves up to follow me.  The government should have killed me , becuase the only way I'm going to stop trying to start an uprising is to be dead. My transport pod brings me just outside the broadcasting building. My street bot gets me accesse into the building. The night shift workers seem to ignore my presents as I walk through the building. A supervisor bot blocks my path.

" Only permitted personell." It says.

I flash it my maitenance card , but it figures there isn't a valid reason for me to pass.

" Screw." I mutter then punch its face in the combat supports fold out above my knuckles as I crush its face and alarms begin to go off.

" Street bot, Micheal code 1 virus!" I command my bot it shuts down as a pre programmed virus infects all the surround bots.

I better make my broadcast quick and beautiful then blow this place to hell. I think to myself. One of the workers cowering behind a desk crawls out.

" Hey you your going to get me to the broadcasting room, Now!" I bark 

The End

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