Have To See HerMature

My shift was coming to an end. I had received her new address, I had to meet with her.

"Authorisation to speak?" the bot regarded me.

"Authorisation granted."

"I have run out of stationary and am in need of new stationary, permission to purchase some more?" again the robot regarded me.

"Permission... rejected, I shall purchase said items, meanwhile you are not to leave the room, I will return in 1 hour and 1 half," the bot left the room, the door shutting behind him.

Bots always kept there word, if he said he would be an hour and a half he would be. With that I opened the window and looked out. The alleyway was dark and quiet. I slipped out and clambered down a drain pipe, landing with a splash at the bottom. Silently I tip-toed to the end of the alleyway and looked out onto the street. There were two bots that had just passed by. I crossed the street into another alleyway. I had been to the Boys Academy before, to hone my writers skills which was not to far from the Girls' about ten mintued away accessible via back streets. I was nearly there when I saw a bot ahead coming this way, I was out of it's range as of yet but there were more behind me.

I looked at the walls noticing many chips and cracks. I clambered up, getting higher and higher.

The bot passed underneath me. I dropped and landed agilely on the floor.

I reached the Academy. There were Bots everywhere, barbed wire fences. But this wasn't my first time. I remembered my time in the Boys Academy, when I met a girl called Sarah. My heart stopped as her face came to me, she had been my childhood sweetheart, my everything. Finding the old way in was easy, a small split at the bottom of a fence barely perceivable. I ducked underneath and hid in some bushes as a bot passed by. Once done I moved to the back wall, riddled with ivy. I climbed up this to the room, it was the same room as Sarahs, strange.

I reached the window but there was nobody in. So I waited. Checking the time I had just 1 hour left.

The End

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