Wiz1: Backround ChatterMature

[Boot: Program C6x-224i-9p06..... ERROR! Authorization required!]

Authorization Code: ThereOnceWasAGirl

[Auhorization accepted; Welcome Wizard 1] [Booting Communication Program]

Alpha 1: Phase 1's going well, all our vectors are open.

Bravo 1: Same here. But I'm worried about some bot activity nearby.

Wiz 1: What's up B1?

Bravo 1: Somebody blew a water main over here, there's a reconstruction project that could hinder our mobility.

Wiz 1: So go or no go?

Bravo 1: Depends, it's a small project so far, but I'm worried that it's only the first part of their project.

Wiz 1: Ok, I'm calling this a maybe.

Charlie 1: Oh guys, I found something.

Wiz 1: What's that?

Charlie 1: I should rephrase this: I found someone.

Wiz 1: Hello, do tell.

Charlie 1: Name's Enya something. But that's not the important part, the important part is who here parents are.

Wiz 1: If you say the govenor of the city, I'm going to....

Charlie 1: No, better: Daughter of the designer of the bots.

Alpha 1: Hell no.

Charlie 1: Hell yes!

FS1: Charlie 1, do you have a route open to her?

Charlie 1: She's in Darling's Academy for Girls, that's a tightly wound place.

FS1: Indeed, any suggestions?

Wiz 1: What about TWRD?

FS1: Her? I don't know, she's been out of contact for a while.

Wiz 1: With you and the others, but not me.

FS1: Wiz 1, can we count on her?

Wiz 1: Let me talk to her, but most likely yes.

FS1: Ok, everyone, pack it up, we have our angles of insertion, now it's time to get everybody awake. It's time for Phase 2: Revelrie.

Bravo 1: Copy that, heading home.

[Alpha, Bravo and Charlie 1 have logged off]

Wiz 1: Phase 1 was shorter than I expected.

FS1: The government's not expecting this so they didn't have much in our way.

Wiz 1: Still, do you think that Wolf 1 was right?

FS1: I know the men, they wouldn't dare. They've put too much into this to do so.

Wiz 1: I know but...

FS1: Jeff the moment we begin to second guess each-other's allegiences, we've already lost.

Wiz 1: True, but still, I'm gonna keep an eye out.

FS1: I agree. Hey, be careful with TWRD, pray she's not wearing her red dress and that the bots aren't around.

Wiz 1: If she is, I'm leaving as soon as possible.

FS1: Good luck. We're going to need it especially you.

Wiz 1: Lol, good point.

FS1: Get out of here already.

[Wiz 1 has logged off]

FS1: Geekspeak...

[End Session] 

The End

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