Harriet: rebellion is impurity.Mature

I was instructed to take the new female and her belongings to the dorm. I have heard some girls describe it as a "cell", but I am thankful that I am at such an establishment as this, and not in a prison. I have a thankful mind, thankful to my headmistress for restricting my wide-thinking and saving me from a life of sin. Each day I am a step further away from impurity. Of course, I know my place and I know that I can never be pure, but I must show discipline and this will save me from evil.

Rebellion is impurity. That is a rule that we are taught and that we must chant each morning before our first meal. We must chant the three rules of redemption:

Rebellion is impurity. Separation is necessary. A wide mind is corrupt.

I met the new girl at the entrance, a modest wooden hallway. I think that it is what I must deserve, as I know my place. The girl did not look so pleased by her new surroundings, but I have been informed by my headmistress that we must not tolerate a wide mind, even when it must adjust. A true mind of discipline can adjust instantly. We cannot take liberties, for this is a sign of wide-thinking and corruption. I held out my hand for the new girl. She in return held up her suitcase begrudgingly. I retracted my hand, and spoke to her: 'We must not depend on others. We know our place and we must adjust.'

The girl was silent, but I could tell from her expression that she was in possession of a wide mind. I tried not to show this, and instead introduced myself as the head girl. She mumbled that her name was Enya.

'Enya, I will lead you to your first class. It is an orientation.' I looked back at her, and she looked back, confused. I did not know of any school which did not hold an orientation on arrival but nevertheless explained it to her, for my headmistress has informed me that sometimes the liberal wide-thinking education systems do not hold orientations for their pupils. 'It is merely an assessment to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You will be asked to chant the three rules of redemption, I daresay, but these will be easy for you to remember.' She kept silent, and soon we neared the classroom. I nodded to the door. 'You will enter please, Enya.'

The End

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