Enya :SchoolMature

The kight of a new day brought little joy to my life and the bot handed me a letter. I opened it, knowing exactly what it was: A letter about my boarding school.


You have been selected to come to Darling accademy for girls.

You are to be picked up by our bots at 10am and arrival at 2pm. Please bring appropriate clothes and belongings.

Head Mistress Burtha Jenkins

'Selected' I mocked in my head. I'm being sent, forced to go by the father who stopped all contact with me (the only male acception to the rule) at the age of 7.

My personal bot watched me as I packed my things, hitting my legs when I was too slow. I looked at the package on my bed, the school uniform...ugh! I changed into it and edited the last of a note I would be sending to the writer, my foward adress.

I waited for the ride and it arrived at 10am exactly, I happily averted my gaze away from my old home and scowled in the direction of my new one, Darling Academy the worst school to go to if you don't want to be brainwashed.

The End

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