Plan A1 - Where's the steak sauce?Mature

Now that the word had been spread, 'Freedom Star 1' thought, it's high time to begin our shenanagins. He lounged back in his comfortable rolling office chair, 'appropriated' from a government storage facility that the group's raids frequented, and let out a big breath he had held in for a while during his speech to the members of the resistance, and any listening under the covers. He paused, a precious moment to let go of his stress, and then proceeded to place a call, using his cell phone/walkie talkie (think cell phone's range plus walkie talkie's ability to talk to multiple people at the same time) to his group's technical 'director' aka: 'Wizard 1'.

"Wizard 1 this is Freedom Star 1, I have a little project for you, over." He said. The phone/radio sat there for a moment, then beeped a short two notes, Wizard 1 had picked up his phone/radio.

"Freedom Star 1 this is Wizard 1, go ahead, over." Wizard 1 replied. Wizard 1 looked like your normal Geek Squad/IT go to guy, but underneith of his neatly pressed shirt, lay a dangerous rebel who could make any computer or electronic device in the city do a backflip right in-front of your eyes.

"Wizard 1, proceed with Phase Alpha of Plan A1, how copy over?" FS1 ordered.

"That's a good copy FS1, proceeding with Phase Alpha, wish us luck, over." Wiz1 said. FS1 sat back in his chair for a moment, then switched his computer on. The computer was specially designed to send and recieve information from the area of operations (AO) and also to see inter-group communications. It was the perfect mix for a rebel commander as he could not only control his group on the field, but quickly tell the other Freedom Stars their progress and recieve theirs.

The screen sat there for a moment, idiling on the desktop screen which held, in vertical collums, the AO map and Intercomm systems, then began to beep, the same way the phone/radio had done, it highlighted the Intercomm area, then fell silent as text appeared on it.

'Wiz1: All units, proceed with Plan A1, find the steak sauce boys.'

The message was plain and simple, but it was proceeded with a count-down clock that wasn't so simple. It was counting down to the most important date, possibly, of the entire year. FS1 hoped they wouldn't miss it, July 4th: Independance Day. The day they'd get their vengance.

The End

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