Harriet: separation is necessary.Mature

I am sixteen years old and I know many things, but two are the most important:

  1. The robots know best.
  2. Separation is necessary to avoid ruin.

I learnt the first when I was nine. I had been a precocious young child and had wanted to know too much. I had asked questions when I had not been prompted to do so at school and the teachers sneered at me and told me to know my place. I did not know my place. Of course at the time I was corrupt, my mind was too wide. I thought that my place was with all other young children-so foolish. I walked to a boy on the street one day. I wriggled out of my mother's grasp and waved at the small boy because he looked familiar and I wanted to know if I did know him. Of course I would not have, because it is not right for males and females to know one another. The street bot came to me and I did not take heed to the warning. I laughed because my mind was too open to corruption: of conversation and questions. My mother did not stop the beating: therefore it must have been necessary. Everything that is done in this world is necessary to save us. The robots say this. Therefore the robots know best.

I learnt the second thing when I was twelve. My mind by now was much more disciplined and I was in the top of my class at school. I knew that the robots knew best, something that some girls still seemed to ignore. I did not affiliate with such wide-minded individuals: they did not know their place. All the same, the one thing that the teachers could not prompt me to resist was my emotion. That dastardly, impure thought...I saw a young male and I thought that I should like to talk to him. I tried to stop myself, but found myself looking out of the windows, vulnerable to impurity of mind. The headmistress told me that I was bad, but she took pity as she said that my mind knew discipline, and that this was yet a momentary lapse. She told me that separation was necessary to avoid ruin: that when male and female joined in forces, their minds became soiled and their emotion became eminent. She told me that these were primal instincts, and that I must resist because even though I know my place, I know that I am above primal instincts. That night I asked my mother what happened when she met my father: she fell quiet. The next day I was sent to boarding school. I knew that my mother did not wish to see me again, as my new headmistress consolidated. She said that my mind was disciplined but I needed it moreso.

I am now disciplined. I am head girl. And all because of these two important things.

The End

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