Mike: Tweaking anywaysMature

The next morning I get despite the many bruise I had recieved the previouse day. I still wasn't allowed to leave my cozy little habitat so I thought to make it more homely tweaking was to be done.  I began to unpack my bag but inside the bag slowly make a device capalble of overloading the power that is supplied to my house. Once I'm done putting the device together I set it to overload in 30 minutes to make things less susipicouse. Then I would have five wonderful minutes to reprogram the street bot before it activates to go beat me.  Afterwards I can program ,and tweak everything to my liking for an hour or so before bots are and other maitenance workers come to investigate.

Half an hour passes by and then the fun begins. I rush to the street bot and begin to open a compartment on the back in this compartment was a bullet proof vault that held all key systems. I wacked it open with on precise hit with the wrench. I started with ripping out its connection to the other robot and opened up a small keyboard thing. It didn't take to long to program it onto my side of things. with 3o seconds to go I tweak its connection device to not take any updates.  After that was all setteled I started with the cameras. I simply took the alarm system offline and killed the connecting update device. I would have to do more further tweaking in the future for these.

My favourite part was tweaking the television to go on only when I wanted it too. Which may be never but to go on when visitors are coming. By visitors I mean bots , and investigators. After all the excitement I discarded my device through the incenrating garbage bin. I used to be paid for tweaking variouse house elements after work during the night this wall during an uprising though it was somewhat safer then, than it is now. 

I heard the sound of the transport pod getting captured in my enterance way.  Two supervise bots two maitenance workers , and one death bot came into my new home,and took the liberty to slam me upagianst a wall and hold a gun to my head. The two supervising bots hit the maitenance guys and they began to take out sensors that I guessed could detect differnet power outputs , and reprogramming. I didn't want to be over confident but I was sure that woulnd't find anything the matter. Once they got the power back on they left with giving me a small beating as token of there good will.

Shortly afterwards I got my job overview giving me locations to meet up with other workers and sector names. I was looking after a sector named QA-24  and I was to report tommorow morning and still wasn't allowed to leave the house. I could probably leave without to much trouble but the cameras outside would catch me , so it was futile. I went to my bedroom radio. Radio was the best way to listen to fellow uprisers and others who aim to live a better life. The problem was which ones where the real thing, and which ones where goverment operated. I tuned onto a very good sounding radio frequency it ended with the host say

" Freedom star 1"

I never put a lot of trust in any radio person but this person sounded genuine I will perhaps listen later when I have the time.

The End

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