As I'm dragged back to my house by the supervisor bot designed especialy for me by my father as a birthday present I remember the hidden lines in themany propaganda novels I am forced to read. We shall rise up and Do not lose hope for that is the only thing they cannot take. The subliminal messages hidden in plain sight fuel my goal to escape and join the uprising on it's way.

My dad helps design the idiotic bots...he's a big fish I guesse you could say but he treats me worse that others though I have never been hit on my face, only my arms and legs. Thats what my father sees as kind, what he sees as fair. I'm hauled into the tiny, colourless room, just missing the double bed and pull myself up on the chair.

The bot throws another novel my way and then sets meto work annalysing sentence structures before it gets published. I'm like a human spell check, I have to check for typos, mis spelled words and grammar mistakes and all the while I'm being fed propaganda! fun! My time in this room is short lived, I'm going to be sent to a boarding schools soon.

I gaze at my room from the chair...grey. White and grey blending into one another in one big blur. The double bed makes me laugh, as if nyone would or could ever...what with the laws boys can't even look at us. I scribbled a note on the manu script and gave it to the bot "Send this to the writer's desk" The bot took it and stuffed it in the sending tube, I smiled inwardly. That novel didn't need editorials...I wrote a note, using the same subliminal structure as him, hopefully he'll get the message.

The End

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