'Freedom Star 1' - End of the lineMature

My fellow patriots,

For too long have we sat under the cold unfeeling, uncaring hands of this current govenrment. For too long the people of the city have lived in fear for their lives for something as simple as a twich of their eye(s). And also for too long have we sat upon our rear ends, disregarding our brothers and sisters in this city who are being inequivocaly oppressed in every sort of human and mechanical way possible.

For too long, my brothers and sisters, I have sat staring at the stars at night, wondering what it would be like to be free, to do whatever I wanted. I wouldn't have to 'go here' or 'do this' after someone commands me, I would be my own boss. Not those imbocile 'Supervisor bots'. I have sat thinking for too long, instead of acting, and now it is time. It is time to rise up against the government who has oppressed the natural rights of mankind. It is time to stand up and fight for your brothers and sisters who sit cowering the face of this oppression. It is time, my friends, to fight.

We know not the cost, nor the lengths we shall have to traverse to obtain our freedom from this oppression. But we do know that many are ready to give everything they have to become human again for we, in our absence of action, have become less than human as we have lost our sense of duty, our duty to protect and serve our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our fellow humans. It is time, my patriots, to rise up against this tyranny, this evil, this blight upon humanity! It is time, to reclaim our freedom.

July the 4th friends, that is the date when we shall rise up, not as one race, creed, color nor nationality, but as humans united under one cause, one common goal and banner, and that banner, is freedom.

Good luck, good night, and God bless,

'Freedom Star 1'

The End

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