Mike: Welcome to Capital cityMature

" Welcome to capital city." A friendly female voice say on this nearly empty train. On my right wrist I ware is  a tracking device in the shape of a oversized bracelet. Just in case I make a unoffical visit to the washroom. I can't tell you how many unreported beating I've had for unoficcial bathroom trips I make.  I have one bag og luggage which has two maintenance uniforms,and the rest multiple tools and a few parts from here and there. The train comes to a a halt in front of an array of street bots one death bot and loads of fences marked with several areas where they lead. I get out and allow the robots eyes to follow my lone figure  and my things. One street bot begins to follow me as I make my way to new arrivals.

from its hands pops up a baton. Here goes my first beating in capital city. I think as it raise its arm and does exactly what I thought it was going to do. The first hit sends me too the foor the second hit smacks me on the face making my cheek swell up and blood flows from my mouth to the ground. I don't even squeak one little ounce of pain as I'm brutally hit repetively. When it finishes I get and up and think of worse things. Like my visit to the offices, what a horrible place that is. It reaks of death , and is clean as a whistle. It has rowes and rowes of different rooms which kill you in differents way. Way I do not want to explain, there was very little jail cells.  I thought my life was going to end there that day but for what ever reason the let me go.

Through the metal fences I see women I keep my eyes focussed on the ground, I wanted to so desperatly talk to one of them but the fear of death was to much to pay for a nice talk with a women. As I walk through my lonely fenced hall to the exit of capital cities many train stations. I walk into an aministrative building which was run by human but with way to many supervisor bots , and few too many death bots.

"Michael Gordans , Maitenance , age 21, coming for home assignment, and job overview." I say to the man on the other side who looked like he had way too many beatings under his belt.

" Home assignment is  40211 , Job overview shall be delivered to you tommorow at noon please do not leave home till then." He says then quicky waves his hands at me to get rid of me.

Yeah I had a reputation two uprising operations a trip to the offices with a return and several major beatings that where given to me from crimes of talking to a lady, and hacking the bots. I do wonder why they keep me alive was it sorta like a joke to watch a sewer rat like me to struggle with this world? I walk out the admin building and get in a line to get to a transport capsule. The walls leading to the capsules where lined with street bots.  Up ahead I could see multiple people recieving beating a few tazers , and one poor women was being dragged away to the offices.

I took a quick look at her face to see the pain , and hatred ,and yet a hint of relief that this horrible controlled life was soon going to end.  I wiated for another half an hour to see most of the line was depleted by vicouse beatings. Yes this was capital city a constant population of 2 billion. It was huge since probaly at a minimum a day 5 thousand are killed but yet more people are told to move here to keep the population up.  In this history of this dreadful world Capital city has never seen an uprising and probably never will because of its huge uprising bot army for every 1 person there was 2 uprise bots. It would be an un winnable war. i get through the line with no beating and put my home number in the transport capsule.  It was a small place the living room was a combinanation of living dining room, the kitchen was connected to the bathroom and through the bathroom my small bed room with a two person bed. Like It will ever have two people.

One every wall of this home was a camera , in the corner of the room was a street bot just incase I start tweaking thins. The Television turns on from auto sensore and will probably not turn off until curfewed bedtime. I already hated capital city.

The End

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