Too Complicated...

This is about Esmerelda Dawn Night. She is a vampire and hasn't had a too awesome past... read if you dare...

"You are a disgrace!" yelled Timothy Night.

"I didn't do it, father!" Esmerelda yelled back.

"Do not yell at me, you horrible little girl!"

"But I didn't do it! It was Erik, I swear!" Esmerelda said, crying now.

"How dare you bring your brother into this conversation!" Timothy yelled. With a swift movement he took the knife from the table and made a slash down her side.

Esmerelda screamed and held her side.

"That shall teach you to never talk back to me, young lady!" Timothy yelled, making another slash down her wrist and to her elbow.

"You are a horrible person and I am ashamed to be your daughter!" Esmerelda screamed. She ran out of the house and into the night.

"Your blood smells amazing, young human," a raspy voice said.

Esmerelda whirled around and saw glowing red eyes. She screamed.

"Screaming will do you no good, little human," the voice said. The vampire bit her neck and started drinking from her.

Esmerelda blacked out.

She woke a few days later. Her eyes were bright red and her throat was terribly dry. But she did not want water. She wanted blood.

Esmerelda stumbled home and found her parents.

"Mother! Father! Thank goodness! I was attacked and bitten by a v-vampire!" Esmerelda yelled, walking over to them.

"Esmerelda Dawn Night you are a disgrace. You have been changed into a monster. You are no longer out daughter. Leave here and never return!" her father yelled.

Esmerelda stared at him blankly. "B-but you have to help me, father!"

"Never! You were enough trouble human. Now you are a monster. Now leave!"

Esmerelda turned an ran away, and didn't look back.

The End

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