Graphic novel plot outline brainstorm.

I've got a bare skeleton for a graphic novel that I started doodling one day. Looking to build a plot synopsis.

The setting is urban, in a world like our own but carried to extremes. It can be a utopia for rich people and a dystopia for the poor.

Tompnē is one of the poor. (I'll use "he" for convenience but he will be pictured as androgynous and partnering doesn't really play into it.) An optimist, he is willing to take on any task with a smile.

When we join him, he's cleaning up garbage from a "reclaim." These are events by which the gentry comes to drive out the residents of struggling immigrant neighborhoods by throwing sprawling parties. While the locals are driven out, their real estate is developed and sold out from under them - kind of a gentrification by force.

Tompnē compiles the garbage. Convincing the supervisor that he has a way to get rid of it, he is then paid as many contract workers are, by getting a mineral pounded into the blood by a sledgehammer. Once paid, he invites a friend over to the shore. Phage, an alien being and close friend, eats the garbage, discussing the finer points of the feast with Tompnē as he dines.

When Tompnē returns home, his roommate Raglan is preparing a meal for Subit and his son Hogeh, refugees of the reclaim they are housing in their home, who speak no English. Tompnē claims the TV to watch a Duck Dynasty-type show, the Bickle Boys. Subit takes offense at the display, as the Bickle Boys is openly aligned with K-Doctrine, the ersatz religion of the gentry characterized by brash business practices, the same ones that led to the reclaim.

Clairvye, a spirited rock musician, arrives to get lessons from Raglan. The unlikely pairing of Raglan's classical tenor voice and Clairvye's rock stylings is unlikely, and was brought together by Tompnē. Thought he would be hesitant to admit it, Raglan enjoys the challenges of teaching outside of his comfort zone.

Clairvye is the only one who can shake Tompnē's amiable demeanor. She once foretold that Tompnē was doomed to one profound misfortune. Though nothing has befallen him yet, this is an upheaval of his world view, one for which he seeks answers.

(More on the world: Though Tompnē has no physical powers, he is able to build and use communication channels to reach aliens like Phage. In the paradigm of the world, this is seen as less of a breakthrough and more of an obsessive, somewhat shamed hobby. Yet Tompnē persists in building more channels.)

So given this basic world and set of events, do any of you see a plot coming on? I'm open to adding characters (please), alien and human. Feel free to ask questions as well. No need for prose or dialogue, I'm just looking for plot points.

The End

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