Apologies, Warlock.

I must admit, I never meant to steal your client from you, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. I simply wished to be of some help to Mr. Price in solving his problem, as he has been sort of covering the board with his notes, and I thought I knew a person who could help him in the short term.

Next time you've got a client, I leave his (or her) care completely and totally up to you, with all the implications thereof. I will have no involvement with one of your clients again. I respect that it is your business, and not mine. I was simply looking to be a good neighbor and help Price out, but I realize that he has requested your assistance, not mine.

Also, please disregard any strange and/or disturbing sounds emerging from my apartment (other than, you know, the usual.) My new roommate is... shall we say extremely antisocial and, well, he's not the most attractive guy around.



The End

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