I'm Not Whining

I'm not whining. I don't whine. I'm a grown man. I freak out...intensely. You must be referring to my "living impaired" room mate. I'm well aware that I'm not locked in this building, but exploring this strange town isn't something I'm particularly fond of doing. I heard there's a cemetery though. Maybe I could drop off Satan over here, but with my luck, another one will get attached to me, and then I'll have two problems. Still waiting for the warlock to make his presence known.

Last time I checked, ghosts don't thrive on fire. That's why they are ice cold. Look it up, genius.

Dr. Igor - Have you tried tweezers? That's sorta what they were made for.

Ms. San-Sierne - What exactly are you offering? And does it involve any sort of dismemberment or intense pain?


Your Ghostbusting Neighbor,

Zack Price

The End

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